War Storm – Red Queen #4 – Victoria Aveyard

This series began as one of the best stories I have ever read but gradually deteriorated into something else. The main character, Mare, started out as a fun and interesting person and ended up being someone I could barely stomach. The pages and pages of introspection of each character not only annoyed me but bored me to tears. Sometimes it is better to just describe something simply instead of using every adjective in thesaurus. Is it necessary to describe in detail what everyone in the room is wearing including the servants?

This last book trudged along, annoying me with every turn of the page. It was written from just about every character’s point of view. The only character I enjoyed reading about was Evangaline. She’s the only one who had any kind of positive character growth. Everyone else was full of themselves

I was so disappointed in this book that it depressed me. I was hoping for so much more but just got a bunch of hot air, really descriptive hot air.

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