Top 10 Sexiest Men from Paranormal Romance Series

There are so many to choose from but I narrowed it down to ten.

Sexiest Characters from Paranormal Romance Books

Top 10

  1. Jericho Barrons

Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning                          There is just something about him. He is dark, sexy, almost all powerful, and secretive and doesn’t whine. I like that he isn’t a dog..well, you know what I mean. Maybe, I should say that he isn’t a pig like other immortal badass men. He can be near a woman without getting a boner. He can control himself. The author keeps his intentions and his desire for MacKayla to a minimum. When I look up images for him, I see a few that just do not match what I have in my head for him. I picture a cross between a young Thaao Penghlis and Joe Manganiello. I found this picture on Karen’s site. Who is this model? He is exactly what I pictured.

jericho barrons

  1. Nick Gautier

Dark Hunter Series by Sherrilyn Kenyon                    Not the teenage Nick or the Nick from Chronicles of Nick but the Nick after he turns into a Dark Hunter. On SK’s website, the model she uses for his character profile is super lickable! I wouldn’t even have to borrow barbeque sauce from Simi.


  1. Styxx

Dark Hunter Series by Sherrilyn Kenyon                    Even though he was supposed to be a meanie, I couldn’t help lusting after him. Now that I read Styxx, I couldn’t help falling for him. Such a tortured soul but he didn’t let it ruin him.

  1. Acheron

Dark Hunter Series by Sherrilyn Kenyon                    Uh no need to hot hot. Tall, badass, charismatic, powerful and did I mention HOT? I’m thinking he looks like Travis Fimmel from Vikings.

  1. Zsadist

Black Dagger Brotherhood Series by J.R. Ward        Untamed, angry, sexy, scarred and tortured. Of all the brothers, I would feel safest with him. You would think with my description of him, he wouldn’t be safe to be around but he is my pick of the Brotherhood.

  1. Hauk

The League by Sherrilyn Kenyon                                  Beautiful, tall, muscular, badass, always there to back up a friend, kind of frightening, mysterious past. He’s so lust worthy.

  1. Lothaire

Immortals After Dark Series by Kresley Cole             Vengeful, ruthless, cunning, sick sense of humor and driven. He’s the Enemy of Old and everyone seems to hate him and have a respectfully fear him yet I can’t help but cheer him on and secretly want to jump his bones. Oh but I can’t stand the picture on the front cover. That’s not what I think he looks like. Those bangs have gotta go.

  1. Ryodan

Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning                          Ruthless, always one step ahead of Dani O’Malley, sexy, powerful. He’s mysterious and I like how the author reveals his character slowly like unwrapping a present in shiny wrapping that you can’t open until your birthday but you’ve felt it and shaken it trying to figure out what is inside of it.

  1. Kaleb Krychek

Psy/Changeling Series by Nalini Singh                         Calculating, mysterious, powerful and gorgeous. During the entire series, you wonder what he is up to and if he is on the side of good but you know he is on his side more than any side and you know there is more to him than meets the eye.

  1. Layel

Atlantis Series by Gena Showalter                                Bloodthirsty, beautiful, vengeful, strong and knows when to back out of a fight fairly. He has a tortured past and lives for revenge but throughout the series, I can’t help but like him.

So there is my list for top ten sexiest characters of paranormal romance books. I’d love to make a longer list. Does anyone have any suggestions? Tell me who and why you lust after them.

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