The Chosen – Black Dagger Brotherhood #15 – J.R. Ward

This is the kind of book that makes you forget to eat, sleep or do anything other than curl up and read. Did you know that you can pee and read at the same time? All things are possible with a book like this.

I have been waiting for Layla and Xcor’s story since they first met each other. It really is a tragic story and with J.R. Ward, you never know if it will end happily or rip your heart out like what happened with Trez and Selena where Selena died or like Assail and Sola where she moved away.

In previous books, Layla met Xcor when one of his fighters took her to feed him her blood. Yes, they are vampires who get nourishment off the opposite sex. Layla believed the fighter was part of the Black Dagger Brotherhood because he was in their compound once and the brothers had her feed him. She was clueless at first. She immediately connected with Xcor despite his cleft palette or hare lip as they called it and when she found out that she had done wrong, she did confess it to the Brotherhood but she still felt a connection to him. Later, Xcor coerced her to see him but was always a gentleman with her and she became enamored with him. He broke it off between them though.

Layla is a Chosen which means she was born and raised in what the race of vampires calls Sanctuary which is a sort of heaven. She served the mother of the race and was trained to be an ehros, in the art of sex to please the Prime Male and reproduce along with many other Chosen, but the Prime Male chose to mate one female and freed all of the Chosen. Layla was left with no job and had an empty spot in her life so when her time of needing came, the fertile time of a female of their race where they either have to have sex or be heavily drugged to withstand the pain of the needing, she and one of the males of the Brotherhood agreed to have sex and have a child.

The entire time she was meeting Xcor in secret, she was pregnant and he accepted it.

Xcor had been captured by the Black Dagger Brotherhood but was badly injured when they took him down so they kept him alive by machines in order to interrogate him. He woke up and knew that he was going to be executed and knew that he would never give up his men so he would probably be tortured.

I really give a lot of details about the story without giving out spoilers but I can say, I was hating Quinn in this book. He acted like a straight-up hateful dickwad in this book. I was also a little worried about Vishous and his state of mind.

The series also may have a new enemy to deal with soon. I think that will be interesting although I hope it isn’t a repeat of when Lash was the enemy. We’ll see.

Gosh, I wish I could say more because there was a lot of exciting new developments and things that happened. I guess you will just have to read the book.


Pleasures of a Dark Prince – Immortals After Dark #9 – Kresley Cole

Lucia is a Valkyrie and Skathi warrior which means she vowed to live a life of purity to the Goddess Skathi in order to be an expert archer. Lucia rarely misses her target but when she does, she experiences agonizing pain.


Skathi saved her from a life of unimaginable horror. Well, actually, her sister Regin saved her and then took her to the Goddess Skathi. Lucia was tricked by a gorgeous man into marrying him just to find out he wasn’t a gorgeous man but a deformed evil monster named Crom Cruach who wanted to breed with her and take over the world or rather cause an Apocalypse by infecting humans who would then kill the ones they loved the most. Lucia spent nine horrifying days with Crom Cruach and when she couldn’t take it any longer, jumped from his cave high up on a mountaintop to the sea below. She didn’t expect to live but her twelve-year-old sister Regin found her broken body and took it to Skathi.


Lucia and Regin are the only ones who know about Crom Cruach and spend most of their time looking for a dieumort, a weapon that will kill a god. Crom Cruach sleeps for hundreds of years but wakes every five hundred or so years and he’s about to awaken again. Lucia knows because she has started having nightmares and they will only get more frequent as the time approaches his awakening.


Lucia and Regin have heard of a golden arrow, a dieumort, so they set off to find it but things are made more difficult by a Lykae named Garreth MacRieve determined to make Lucia his own. He follows them across the world but Lucia and Regin don’t make it easy for him. They are brutal in the things they do to stop him like shooting arrows into him and unloosing the logs from an eighteen-wheeler to roll on top of him. In the end, Regin was sent home and Garreth caught up to Lucia. She’ll need all her strength to resist him to keep her Skathi archery skills so she can kill Crom Cruach when he awakens.


I enjoyed this book but I think it is one of my least favorite from the series, not because the characters were lacking but the background story-building wasn’t as busy as most of the other books in this series have been. Lothaire, the mysterious vampire, was in this book but not much more until the epilogue. Don’t get me wrong, this was an outstanding book. Everything Kresley Cole writes is exceptional but it was just my least favorite of the series so far. From here, the series explodes. There won’t be a moment of dullness from here on out.


Blood Father – Blood Curse #6 – Tessa Dawn

I read this back in April but I am just now getting around to writing the review.

This series has been good so far and continues to interest me. The series is about a curse that began in 800 BC in Romania after a psychotic prince, Prince Jaegar Demir, had executed all the females of his race, a race who were descended from celestial gods. After slaughtering all of the females, their blood rose up and cursed the prince and his descendants with being evil vampires, never to walk in the sun again.

The Curse

They shall never know the love of a female.

They shall never produce a female offspring.

Their sons will be born in sets of twins, both born of darkness (evil) and the firstborn son of the first set of twins shall be sacrificed for atonement. Failure to sacrifice that son will lead to horrible and agonizing death.

The human host who carries the child will die painfully upon giving birth.

They shall be creatures of the night never entering daylight lest they be killed.

They shall have to ingest blood in order to live.

The mad prince’s twin brother, Prince Jadon Demir, who had tried to save the females but ultimately failed, begged for clemency so he and his descendants received 4 mercies from Blood Curse.

They still be able to walk in the light.

Although they still have to drink blood to live, they do not have to take the life of the person who they feed from.

They shall receive one opportunity to receive a mate and the sign will be shown in the heavens.

They shall still have sets of twins but the first set will have one born of darkness and one born of the light. The twin born of the darkness will have to be sacrificed. Any set of twins born afterwards will both be born of the light.


The series mainly follows a group of four brothers. In the last book, they discovered that their father, who they believed had died hundreds of years ago, was alive but enslaved on another realm ruled by Werewolves.

In this book, they open a portal and enter the realm of Mhier to rescue their father. On their trek, they encounter a human woman named Arielle Nightsong. She was enslaved most of her life to the Werewolves. When the evil Werewolf king decided that she would be his next wife, she escaped and joined a group of rebels. The brothers learn that Arielle was enslaved with their father and she thinks of him as her father also because he was so good to her. She agrees to go with them to help rescue him.

Kagen, one of the brothers, became immediately possessive of Arielle. I thought it was a little disturbing but all of male characters were like that when they met their mates in previous books of this series so it lessened the creep-factor a bit. If some man became immediately possessive and obsessive with me, I would have got the hell outta Dodge because that is one of the big signs of an abuser but in the world of vampires, it is the norm and they become protective not abusive.

Even though the males tend to be overbearing in this series, the plot of this book was actually pretty good. I liked the addition of the Werewolves to the story but I still want to see what happens with the evil vampires back in the other realm.

The Bloodline War – The Community Series #1 – Tracy Tappan

This series kept coming up on my Facebook feed. It irks me to no end that Facebook puts “suggested pages” into my feed. I follow several authors but that doesn’t mean I want advertisements on my feed…but anyway, I finally looked at the series. There were all kinds of hype comparing it to BDB by J. R. Ward and other famous paranormal authors. I read some of the reviews and purchased the book.

Toni Parthen is abducted by a species that must consume human blood to survive. She carries a gene that only a rare few have which can save the species from extinction because they can only breed with someone who carries her rare gene. After her initial fright, she finds that they aren’t really bad people but abducting people hasn’t endeared them to her.

Later she finds out that there is another species, more akin to demons, who also need humans with her rare gene to breed but these demons, if they ever got ahold of her, would imprison her and use her as a breeding machine. They have no ethics or morals and they are the enemy of the species that now holds her.

Jacken Brun is a warrior who is in charge of abducing Toni and making sure she is safe. Jacken is part demon so he cannot ever breed with anyone but Toni is a special kind of human. Not only can she breed with the vampires but she can breed with Jacken too.

The breeding part really was a little too much for me but I went with it just to read the book. The story of the war between the two species was interesting and I liked the developing plot enough to finish the book and start the second book.

It was the second book in the series that made me stop reading the series. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good either. The warriors are all macho men and the women are all sweet and nice…and that is the problem. I hate sweet and innocent characters. I like flawed and realistic characters. Also, all of the men are virgins because they can’t have sex unless they mate or something like that. The bad guys can rape and do all kinds of bad things because of their genetic make-up but it was hard to understand. Something about everything seemed too contrived to me from the sexual tension to the personalities of the characters. It might not bother other people but it does me so I couldn’t continue reading it.



Be Still My Vampire Heart – Love at Stake Series – Kerrelyn Sparks

Book #3
I’m falling in love with all the characters of this series. The Love at Stake series has so many interesting characters that I want to get to know. Some have been there from the first book like Gregori, the hilarious vice president of marketing for Romatech and Ian MacPhie, the security guard who looks like he’s a teenager yet he’s hundreds of years old and Connor, another kilt wearing security guard. New characters were introduced in this book like Zoltan Czakvar, the coven master of Eastern Europe and Phineas McKinney. He was turned by the Malcontents but he wasn’t evil and couldn’t kill mortals so Angus MacKay offered him a job. I doubt Phineas will ever have his own book because he is just not a lead character type of guy. He’s definitely a sidekick, a very flawed sidekick.
black and white kilt
This book was about Angus MacKay, the owner of MacKay Security and Investigation and is the coven master of Britain. He has been alive or undead for almost 500 years. He sets out to find the “Slayer” who has been killing Malcontents. Katya, the coven master of the Malcontents or True Ones as they call themselves on the East Coast, thinks the Nonbiters are killing her people in Central Park and has threatened war with them so Angus needs to find the slayer fast to prevent a war.
Emma Wallace is the Slayer. She works for the secret CIA team called the Stake-Out Team under the leadership of Sean Whelan. She hates vampires because of something that happened in her past which is probably something to do with her mom and dad since she labels all her stakes with either mum or dad. She believes that all vampires prey on mortals so she stalks Central Park looking for vampires who are in the act of killing a mortal. She has to get them when they are unsuspecting because she knows she is no match for the strength and speed of a vampire even though she is a black belt and can kick some serious ass.
When she meets Angus MacKay in the park on St. Patrick’s Day, there is some serious chemistry going on between them. She loves his quick wit and how his humor and it doesn’t hurt that he’s gorgeous. I cracked up at their banter and I like the way she goads him. She figures he is wearing a kilt because it is St. Patrick’s Day and when he starts digging in his sporran to give her a business card, she tells him, “Whenever you need something, it’s on the bottom. I have the same problem with my purse.”
She doesn’t realize that he is a vampire until after she leaves the park.
When Emma realizes Angus is a vampire, she sets up a trap to kill him but he easily gets out of her trap and shows her how easily a vampire could overpower her. He tells her the difference between the Nonbiters and the Malcontents and tries to convince her to stop slaying. He becomes her protector against the Malcontents. Their feeling begin to intensify.
Meanwhile the background story has Shanna Whelan from the first book pregnant and ready to give birth. Roman has everything prepared for her birth but is worried that the baby will be a vampire. Cassimir, the evil leader of all the Malcontents, has sent his right-hand man named Jedrek Janow to Katya to tell her to capture and hand over the Slayer or he will remove her from being coven master and let Jedrek take over her coven. She tells him that she’ll do one better than that and hand over the Slayer and Angus MacKay.
I can’t give away the ending but it is so GOOD.
So now, I am off to read the next book in the series The Undead Next Door. Gosh, the cheesy titles just keep getting better.