The Striker – The Highland Guard #10 – Monica McCarty

Eoin was a jerk. I never changed my mind about this throughout the story. He was attracted to Margaret because she was wild, confident, cocky and said and did outrageous things. She warned him and so did his friend that maybe someone more ladylike would suit him better but he married her anyway and then tried to change her.

The book starts off with her marrying someone else years later so we know immediately that things didn’t work out between them.

Eoin is getting ready to attack the wedding, not to get her back but to kill her father who is an enemy to his king and cousin, Robert Bruce.

Margaret is getting ready for the wedding. She is under the impression that Eoin is dead and all because she betrayed him. She has a five year old son who is Eoin’s.

My heart ached for Margaret throughout this book. Over and over again, Eoin treated her like she came second to his secret membership of an elite force called the Highland Guard. He couldn’t tell her about it but he went about not telling her about it like a jerk. He would leave her and then think he made everything up to her by having sex with her. Over and over again, he accused her of things and didn’t trust her. I was ready to shank him many times throughout the book.

This story really got to me. Men think they can take a beautiful, wild creature and tame them, not realizing they are crushing their spirit. I was so hopping mad that I had to calm myself down and remind myself it’s just a book.

It’s a sign of an excellent writer when they can pull me in so deeply. I had forgotten how great Monica McCarty is at stirring up my emotions. And how well she mixes history with fiction.

I’m excited to start the next book in the series.