The Unyielding – Call of Crows #3 – Shelly Laurenston

Ragnarok is about to be unleashed on to the world and there’s only one person who can stop it and that’s Erin Amsel. Wait! That can’t be right. She’s a total dick and likes to start trouble so she’s more likely to light the world on fire than save it…literally. One of her gifts is fire. She can withstand it to a degree and she can throw flames from her hands. She’s been chosen for all these reasons to go into the Nine Worlds to save the world.

Stieg is a Raven, a follower of Odin, who has been ordered to follow Erin to see what she is up to because the Ravens know she’s up to something. Stieg is not happy about his assignment. He cannot stand Erin Amsel who plays games with people just toess with their heads. She stabbed him in the leg before during a battle because he got in her way. Ugh! But he follows her anyway and ends up helping her when she gets herself into deep doo doo.

Erin is a Crow, a follower of Skuld, but unlike the other clans who are part of the Nine Clans who follow Norse gods, Crows aren’t from Viking blood. In fact, most of them descend from Viking slaves. They weren’t raised to fight for their god. No, they are women who are given a choice just after their brutal deaths to get a second life if they follow Skuld. Then they get wings and fight at night for Skuld.

Usually, I don’t like women like Erin but the author had me falling in love with her because she was just so crazy and most of the people she messes with deserve it.

I am really into the ongoing storyline of this series. Gullveig, a minor goddess I had never heard of before, is trying to start Ragnarok for some reason that I must have missed while reading this. She has the help of Hel, Loki’s daughter, who has loaned Gullveig the use of her Carrion who are disgusting winged creatures who are not only strong but have rotting flesh that can rot a human’s flesh too. Ew!

Erin has to go into the Nine Worlds to find a Surtr’s Sword which is guarded by Nidhogg, the dragon, because it may be the only thing that can kill Gullveig.

I have to admit that I am getting tired of the Gullveig angle to this story but, at the same time, I was wondering how the story would progress if they defeated Gullveig? What other Big Bad Ugly would replace her? Nidhogg? An Elf? Maybe even Hel? I, of course, can’t tell you who the next Baddy is but it did surprise me.

Now, I can’t wait to read the next book.

The Undoing – Call of Crows #2 – Shelly Laurenston

Although this series is entertaining in all its outrageousness, I get extremely annoyed with the constant petty physical fighting between clan members. I almost stopped reading this book because of it. I just think it’s immature and wastes time that could be spent on the plot. I do enjoy the scheming and snarkiness but the pigheaded fighting over stupid stuff wears on me.

Luckily, I decided to keep reading a little while longer because I really do like a lot of the characters and the storyline intrigued me enough to read further.ost of the infighting dwindled as the story intensified.

Jace became a Crow after her cult-leader husband killed and buried her. The goddess Skuld propositioned her to serve her for a second chance at life. She crawled out of the grave as her husband was shoveling dirt on her. She attacked him but was pulled off by member of another clan who also happens to be a federal agent. Her husband went to prison and  she divorced him. She is now a valued member of the Crows, women who serve Skuld.

Unfortunately, her ex knows to many people in high places and is out again and wants Jace back in his cult. This worries her but she’s got bigger things going on like banishing the evil goddess who has entered this realm and wants to bring the world to an end.

She has to work with another clan, the Protectors, to research how to fight this goddess. She finds herself falling for one of them, Danski Eriksen. He’s smart and a warrior.

I have to admit, I was more into the plot than the romance in this book which will continue in the next book. Onward!

The Unleashing – Call of Crows #1 – Shelly Laurenston

This book was a mixture of corniness and outrageous but something about it pulled me in and kept me reading. The author’s humor and the way the characters said and did hilarious but foul things reminded me of my friends and family. It probably wouldn’t appeal to polite company but polite company bores the hell out of me.

Kera is an ex-Marine who works at a coffee house until she gets stabbed to death in an alley. As she lay dying, the guy she thought was a homeless vet holds her and sends up a prayer to Skuld, a Norse god, to save her.

She has been given a second life. She now is part of the Crow Clan, women from all races who fight for Skuld. But she is having a hard time transitioning because the Crows thrive on chaos and ate unorganized. When she tries to organize them, they want none of it.

I really connected with a lot of the characters in this book and I appreciated that the main character, along with many of the other women, was a woman of color. More Paranormal Romances need to do this.

I went ahead and downloaded the next book in the series.