How am I ever going to find another Highlander Historical Romance series as good as this one?

Julie Garwood created three separate complex stories with lovable heroines and despicable villains. Her male protagonists are strong and honorable not horny and pushy. A lot of historical romance writers make the mistake of making the hero think with his loins instead of his mind. It annoys the hell out of me but Julie Garwood doesn’t do that. And her heroines are classy yet full of spark.

In this book, Gabrielle witnesses a horrible act while traveling to the abbey where she will be married in one weeks time in the Highlands. King John is marrying her to an old Highland laird to win favor with the Highlanders.She and her guards see men disguised in monk robes trying to bury a man alive.

To save him, Gabrielle kills one of them with her bow and arrow. She and her guards sneak him into the abbey to get him help. They do not want anyone to find out they saw anything because they don’t know what happened and who to trust.

The injured man is the brother of a brutal Highland laird named Colm MacHugh and he wants answers. If he can find the person who saved his brother, he might be able to get proof of who wanted him dead.

Colm MacHugh was the perfect Highlander male. He was disciplined, stubborn and a man of few words yet honorable. He would never lay a hand on a woman but he is also afraid love weakens a man so he holds back his feelings. I was pretty much in love with him throughout the book.

I am going to have a hard time finding a series that lives up to this one now that it’s finished.