Scorpius Rising – The Scorpius Syndrome #0.5 – Rebecca Zanetti

Try as I might, I could not finish this book. I usually like Rebecca Zanetti’s books so I tried really hard to keep reading this book but just could not relate to the characters who had been previously married. The man was a typical alpha military man and she was a goody-two-shoes educated perfect female. Barf!
What made this so unbearable though was all the detailed in-depth medical jargon. It was like watching an episode of House without the interesting personalities but I don’t think House even went into so much detail. It was painful to read.
I got to 26% before I just had to give up.

Marked – Dark Protectors – Rebecca Zanetti

Marked (Dark Protectors)


This was the last book in Rebecca Zanetti’s Dark Protectors series. I seem to be reading a lot of those lately. It is sad to say, “Goodbye” to all the characters in this series. Maybe there will be a spinoff of some sort.

I think this was the best book of the entire series. The whole series and storyline was good but this is the book that I have been waiting for. The author built a complex world with different species like vampires, witches, shifters, demons and another species of vampires called Kurjans living amongst but unknown to humans. The first book introduces a young child named Janet or Janie as she is called by her loved ones. She is prophesized by all the species to be significant in some way. The demons believe she will destroy them and want her dead. The Kurjans want her so they can breed with her. The vampires want to keep her safe because she is part of their family now. All of the species are warring with each other some of them are aligned with each other to get what they want.

All of her life, Janie has had visions which always come true. She escapes the harsh world by dreaming. She has always dreamed of a boy named Zane. He has been her friend all of her life in the dream world but now that they are grown, she discovers he is part demon, the vampire’s enemy. To save her, he kidnaps her and teleports her to a remote cabin in Alaska where she has no way to escape or contact her family.

The Kurjans are also the vampire’s sworn enemies. They have created a virus called Virus 27 which is slowly killing the vampire’s mates. One Kurjan, Kalin, has also been a part of Janie’s dreams and they have a tentative friendship. Kalin is a ruthless killer who enjoys hunting and killing women like a serial killer but he has always been nice to Janie and has even saved her life in the real world. He believes they are fated to be together. He is now the leader of the Kurjans and has a plan to destroy the vampires.

This book has a complex plot with a lot going on. It kept me engrossed, turning page after page to see what happened next….and there were some sizzling sex scenes. I am mostly immune to sex in paranormal romance books and they have all become almost the same, some more raunchy than others, but not these. There was one sex scene that was very detailed and super HOT! For me to say that mean something because I’ve read hundreds of romance novels.

I was sad to see this series end but it ended well.


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