Origin – Lux #4 – Jennifer l Armentrout

Katy has been captured by Daedalus, an arm of the Department of Defense, and taken to Area 51 where they will be sure to perform all kinds of inhumane experiments on her.

Daemon turns himself in just so he can be near Katy so he can try to protect her. But how does he expect to go up against the government?

I was a little blown away by the events in this book. It messed with my emotions with every turn of the page but I couldn’t stop reading it. I love when an author writes so well that she sweeps me into the story so deep that I don’t even want to get out. I just want to see what happens next.

I forced myself to write this summary before I went on to the next book. I didn’t want to get too ahead of things. But now I am off to read the next book.