Blood Bound – Blackthorn #7 – Lindsay J. Pryor

This book was much better than the last book but I may have judged the last book a little more harshly because I couldn’t stand the main female character.

Eden and Jessie were featured in a previous book and this book featured them again. Jessie is an envoi, a type of angel, who gave her tears to Eden and his niece Honey to save their lives only to find out that those tears may end up killing them anyway.

They are hiding below the city in tunnels along with the lycans and Kane, a master vampire, from the human army led by the evil Sirius Throme. Jessie has found out that Sirius has enhanced his human army by giving them angel tears but his past experiments had killed his subjects until he learned to give them a supplement of something along with the tears. Jessie did not do this with Eden or Honey and now it is too late so she decides to go up top into the city of Blackthorn where all sorts of dangers exist to find some hidden files from someone who had done extensive research into the subject to try and find if there is another cure. Eden decides to go with her.

Torren, a particularly nasty angel who has a grudge against Jessie and who just happens to be the area’s angel leader, abducts Jessie and Eden. Torren is the one who bound Jessie and took away a lot of her memory from her previous life when she lived with the angels. Binding her meant that he made a talisman necklace with a substance inside it that made it so that she could only go a certain distance from the necklace. A con named Pummel acquired the necklace and became Jessie’s master for fifty years until Eden came along and saved her. She has worn the necklace ever since. Now, Torren has the necklace. Torren can’t kill Eden because he is vital to the prophecy that effects the third species including angels but he can kill Jessie who is not vital.

What he ends up doing is wiping out ten years of Eden’s memory which is before he became the man he is today, before Honey was born and before he became an Curfew Enforcement Officer. Torren then hands Jessie and Eden over to Homer and Mya, two cons who know exactly who they are and will make them suffer before they kill them. Jessie cannot tell Eden anything or they will kill them both right away.

Since Eden does not remember who he is and has tattoos with numbers showing his crimes on his arm from going deep undercover, Homer and Mya convince him that he is a con and he is Homer’s second. Mya tells him she is his girl.

I almost cried at some of the things Jessie had to endure, watching Eden with Mya and thinking he was a con. All I wanted out of this book was to see Homer, Torren and Mya to die. That sounds bad but that is what happens in books.

There are other evil characters in this book too who I would like to see get their just rewards like Sirius and Feinith. Both have caused way too much pain in the world.

I don’t know how much further this story can go without wrapping up soon. We’ll see what happens.

Blood Instinct – Bloodthorn #6 – Lindsay J. Pryor

It had been a while since I have read this series so it took a minute to remember the previous events of the story.

This world is made up by classes. Blackthorn is the nucleus. It is a city where society has thrown all of its worst criminals to live. When vampires and lycans revealed themselves, humans formed the Global Council which quickly threw all of them in Blackthorn too until “they proved themselves” but the head of the Global Council, Sirius Throme, will never allow that to happen. Unfortunately, for the lycans and vampires, there is a prophecy about the 3rd species {vampires and lycans) overthrowing the human rule so Sirius wants them all dead.

This book focused on Sophia who was turned into a serryn after her sister Leila did a spell which passed it from herself to Sophia. A serryn is a vampire killer who has no empathy and kills or pure pleasure. She emits pheromones that make her irresistible to vampires but her blood is poison to them. Sophia is trying to hold off the serryn but it takes her over at times.

Prophecy foretells of a certain master vampire who will drink the serryn to the Brink (where third species go when they die) and become the Tryan, the most powerful vampire ever. We, the readers, know it is Caleb but Sirius is desperate to find out. He has upped his game and has decided to invade but he can’t just invade without a reason so he has come up with an evil plan.

I found myself loathing Sophia throughout this book. She just seems reckless and makes dumb choices which puts everyone in danger. Some of it was caused from the serryn coming out in her but most of it was just her thinking she could be stronger than the serryn and refusing to listen to her sister Leila.

The story is revving up. I’m getting ready to read the next book now.


Blood Dark – Blackthorn #5 – Lindsay J. Pryor

This book goes back to the original two characters from the first book of the series, Caitlin and Kane. They didn’t really stay together after the first book. They spent some time together but Caitlin had to go back to her job at the Vampire Control Unit (VCU) and could not do that if she was with Kane who is thought to be a criminal and an enemy of the VCU.

Caitlin annoys me. She is always running into trouble because she thinks she is tough or something stupid like that. She also believes that the VCU is good even though she has seen all the corruption going on it and knows the leader, Sirius is up to no good. I have no idea what Kane sees in her but then again, half the time, he seems to be using her so he is kind of a puke too.

Kane is a powerful Master Vampire and for some reason is really into Caitlin. He shows up when she is in trouble and saves her. He also uses her. He has sex with her and gets information from her that could put her in jeopardy with her job. He keeps all kinds of secrets about what he knows about the strange prophecy that could destroy their world but he keeps it from Caitlin which I think could hurt her in the long run because she has proved to be kind of stupid and she believes in the corrupt governing system.

I like the background story but I do not like this couple. So far, the only thing they have in common is that they like to have sex with each other. Besides that, they don’t trust each other and they keep choosing other things over each other. It is a big turn off for me.

I still like this series enough to keep reading it. I just hope the next book features a different couple and keeps Caitlin and Kane as a background story.

Blood Deep – Blackthorn #4 – Lindsay J. Pryor

Blood Deep

By Lindsay J. Pryor

Book #4

I haven’t read this series for a while so it took a little while to remember everything that had happened up to this point but the author is pretty good at keeping readers in the know.

I was entranced by the story from cover to cover which is now just an out-of-date saying about books since I read e-books and don’t really have covers to read between.

The world is made up of tiered caste systems. The elite humans live in the best areas and it goes down from there and, of course, the system is corrupt. Vampires and Lycans have to live in Blackthorn along with the worst of the worst human criminals. Everyone has their own areas and needless to say, Blackthorn is dangerous and even hardened criminals are not safe living there. Criminals are all tattooed with the crimes that they have committed on their arms, at least the ones that they have been convicted of, by the authorities.

Eden Reece works for the Curfew Enforcement Unit and goes deep undercover into Blackthorn. He has been tattooed to make it appear he is a dangerous criminal. Eden has to infiltrate the notorious gangleader Pummel’s gang. Pummel rules like a mad dictator and kills anyone he believes is a threat. Eden doesn’t count on falling for Pummel’s captive, Jessie.

Jessie has been under Pummel’s control for decades. He knows she is a third-species but doesn’t know exactly what she is…just that she has special powers that heal him and keep him young. He keeps her under constant guard. He believes that she has to stay pure or she will lose her powers. It’s the only reason he has not touched her.

I was into the romance but I was more intrigued by the ongoing story of corruption from the Global Counsel and Sirius’ evil plans. Sirius uses his power to manipulate and control events in Blackthorn. He believes in a prophecy and thinks he can manipulate the outcome but he could just bring about doom for the entire world with his methods.

I recommend this series to anyone who likes paranormal romance and wants something a little different.


Blood Shadows by Lindsay J. Pryor – Bloodthorn Book #1

This book got off to a rocky start for me. Let’s ignore the fact that the third page had the word realize written as realise and the word offense written as offence but we’ll come back to that.
It starts out with Caitlin Parish recklessly ignoring orders and blowing a stake-out by chasing after a master vampire into a night club, a master vampire who she describes as committing unsubstantiated heinous crimes and is so feared that no one will talk about him or report anything about him. And get this! She only has a tranquilizer gun! Her superior is warning her not to do it but she keeps going anyway.
kitten roar
As she is running she is thinking about how she has wanted to take this vampire down since she was little and the years she has spent investigating him and then she starts thinking about his “sensual lips” and how she has dreamed of him and woke up in a “sensual heat”. When the vampire overtakes her, taking the tranquilizer gun away from her and pointing at her and pins her to a wall with his body, she then thinks about how this 300 year old vampire is too powerful for her. Uh Duh! But Wait! There’s more! While he has her in that position, she tells him he is under arrest. At this point, I’m seriously thinking that the vampire needs to break her neck and the author will insert a new heroine.
The vampire, Kane Malloy, says, “Delusional as well as reckless. Are you seriously the best they’ve got?”
I think that is what saved the book for me. At least someone was thinking she was out of her league. I never did warm up to Caitlin but I liked Kane the whole time. He had me guessing all the way up to the end. The premise of the book is interesting and I really liked the setting and the caste-system world that the author created.
Now, back to the weird spelling of words! The author spelled words like realize and tranquilizer with an ‘s’ instead of a ‘z’ which really threw me off and would distract me. Also, the words offense and defense were spelled offence and defence. Is it a British thing? I’ve read other British authors and have not come across this yet. Maybe the author didn’t have a ‘z’ on her keyboard. The other thing that bothered me was that there were a lot of typos and grammatical errors in the book. I can overlook the weird z thing but not the typos and grammatical errors. When I pay good money for a book, I expect them to be proof read.