Dragonsworn – Dark-Hunter Series #21 – Sherrilyn Kenyon


By Sherrilyn Kenyon

Dark-Hunter #21/Hunter Legends (First I’ve heard of this one)/Lords of Avalon #?/Were-Hunter #? I’m kind of lost to where each of these are at but I will try to go over them and number them correctly soon.


Another great adventure by Sherrilyn Kenyon! This time she paired a dragon named Falcyn with a daimon named Medea who, inadvertently, get sucked into another realm along with her sort-of-kind-of brother Urian and his grandson Blaise who thinks he is his brother.

Medea needs Falcyn’s dragonstone to heal her people from a disease her grandfather, Apollo the god, brought down upon them. Morgen Le Fey, the evil leader of Camelot and Apollo also want the stone so they keep sending their minions after them and setting traps to try to steal it.

I’m not sure I like the Lords of Avalon spin on this series because it just complicates an already complex storyline and I get a little lost. I have read all of this author’s series except for the Lords of Avalon series which was her first series she ever wrote under the pseudonym Kinley MacGregor. I did read the first one but really didn’t like it that much so I never read the rest. I’m glad I did read that first one though because it helped me understand some of the references in this book.

I won’t put spoilers in but there was a revelation in this book which will have an impact on Urian but I’m not sure it will be a good thing. You will have to read it to find out.

There are still a lot of characters who need their story told like Jared, Savitar and my favorite Jaden just to name a few.

I can’t wait for the next one but I hope it veers away from this Camelot story and more back to the Dark-Hunter side of it.


DRAGONMARK – Dark-Hunter #26 – Sherrilyn Kenyon

Dark Hunter #26, Dragons Rising #1, Lords of Avalon #5

I usually am blown away by almost all of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s series except the Lords of Avalon series which I didn’t even know existed for the longest time because she wrote the series under the pseudonym of Kinley MacGregor. I’m not really sure what I didn’t like about it but I just was not that into it. I wasn’t so blown away by this book either. Don’t get me wrong! This was a great book but it just didn’t live up to the usual awesomeness of a Sherrilyn Kenyon book. I guess it is kind of unfair to her to rate this book lower than perfect just because I’ve grown to expect perfection from Sherrilyn.

This story still evoked a lot of emotions from me which is a good thing. It was a story of love and loss where the hero has to choose between having what he wants most in life or saving the world from destruction.

A lot of the story was about Morgen Le Fey, the evil queen of Camelot which ties into Sherrilyn’s Lords of Avalon series.

I would try to give a summary of the book but it was way too long and complicated to explain fully without writing pages and pages and maybe giving out spoilers. I can say that the book might have been a lot shorter if there wasn’t so much of previous book’s story’s included in this book. There were chapters of other books just inserted into this story. I mean, word for word like cut and pasted into this book. Sherrilyn put out a statement that explained that she did this because she felt it was pertinent to this story but I think she could have summarized it and it and we could have got the gist of it just as well.

Overall, I enjoyed this book and I look forward to the next book in the series.

Dragonswan as found in In Other Worlds – Dark-Hunter Series by Sherrilyn Kenyon


As found in Other Worlds anthology which as Sherrilyn Kenyon novellas from her different series.

This is book #1.5 in the Dark-Hunter series. It is a novella to introduce the Were-Hunter series to the Dark-Hunter series but I am not sure that these characters are in the rest of the series at all.

Channon MacRae is a professor and scholar. She has been obsesses with a certain tapestry that depicts a battle between a dragon and a man for years. She is studying the tapestry at the museum where it is housed when she hears a man say, “Be kind to dragon, for thou art crunchy when roasted and taste good with ketchup.” She turns around to see the most gorgeous man she’s ever seen standing there.

I knew I liked Sebastian right then and there because he had a sense of humor. I laughed a lot at some of the things he said that Channon thought were jokes but were actually the truth about being a dragon. When she asks him what a man like him is doing at the museum, he tells her he’s there to steal the tapestry. She thought it was a joke but he really was there to steal it.

Sebastian is strangely attracted to this human female with her shirt buttoned up crooked and her mismatching socks. He is an ancient Arcadian Sentinel, a human who can shift into dragon form and who slays Katagaria dragons. Katagaria are enemies of the Arcadians. They are animals that can shift into human form. He has to leave in the morning back to his era in time but he wants to spend time with Channon so he asks her out.

Channon agrees to go out with him and then sleeps with him that night. While she is sleeping, Sebastian goes back to the museum and steals the tapestry.

His sister made the tapestry centuries ago. It depicts their family history and he needs the tapestry to save his brother from Katagaria dragons who have kidnapped him. The Katagaria dragons want the tapestry because they think it holds some kind of secret.

When the mating mark, a geometrical design, appears on Sebastian’s hand, he knows he is mated to Channon. He knows that he only has three weeks to get her to agree to the mating ritual or he will become impotent for as long as Channon lives but he has to get back to his time period to trade the tapestry for his brother or his brother will be killed and he can only time-travel on the full moon at first light. He also knows that if he leaves Channon alone, other Were-Hunters will recognize her as his mate and could kill her so he doesn’t want to leave her alone. The only way a Were-Hunter can take someone else through time is if they agree so he wakes up Channon and she groggily agrees.

Channon wakes up on the back of a huge horse back in Saxon England before England was even a country named England. Sebastian explains their dilemma and she is pretty cool with it. She figures that she can learn all about history and then go back on the next full moon if she chooses.

But she doesn’t get how dangerous it is until they reach their destination and Sebastian’s enemies come after him. Will she choose to mate with Sebastian and live in such a dangerous time or leave him forever and go back to her own time?




DRAGONBANE – Dark-Hunter Series #26 – Sherrilyn Kenyon

This is book #26 in the Dark-Hunter Series by Sherrilyn Kenyon. The Dark-Hunter Series has different series within the series and the books tie in with other series that the author has written. I believe this one ties into Hellchaser and Were-Hunter which are both part of the Dark-Hunter Series and Lords of Avalon which is a different series altogether. I know! It can be very confusing but oh so worth it to read them. Plus, each book is contained within itself and designed to be read without having to read the rest of the series…BUT once you have read a Sherrilyn Kenyon book, you have to have more. It’s like they’re made of crack or some addictive drug.

Maxis Drago has been a part of the series for quite a while. We don’t know much about him except that he is a dragon in his true form and lives in the attic of the Sanctuary, a huge restaurant and bar in New Orleans that is supposed to be neutral ground for any species, god, demon or whatever. The Peltier family (bears in their other form) own and run it and their residence is attached.

The entire book is packed with information and history about Maxis and how he became known as the Dragonbane. It is long and complicated but I will try to describe it the best I can without spoiling the book. I’m going to do it simply and not go into too much detail but there is way more to it. I just don’t want to write pages and pages.

Thousands of years ago, a king and a god did experiments on animals, trying to join their spirits or souls with Apollites (a race that the god Apollo made in his arrogance, thinking he was better than Zeus) trying to beat the curse on the Apollite race where they die painfully at the age of 27 because the kings sons were Apollites. The king had two sons, Eumon and Linus who he planned on joining with the animals to save them from dying of the curse. Eumon was a good man but Linus was a whiny, spoiled little snot.

Maxis and his brother Illarion were captured and made part of these experiments. The experiments ended up making two different kinds of “Were-Hunters” or animal and human mixes; those that are born in animal form and later can shift to their human form were called Katagaria and those that are born in human form who can later shift into their animal form were called Arcadian. Katagaria can also be born in human form and be thought of as Arcadian but can later become Katagaria…I’m not sure of the science or story behind that bit.

Linus wanted to be joined with a dragon but his brother was joined with a dragon instead while Linus was joined with a wolf. Linus was jealous of this. Long story made short. Maxis ended up being branded as the Dragonbane, physically marked and branded. The story that everyone has been told and handed down for generations was that Maxis killed one of the princes which made an avalanche of problems, the biggest being the gods made a curse on all of the Were-Hunters pitting Katagaria against Arcadian and forever warring against each other. For that, all Were-Hunters hate the Dragonbane but they have no idea it is Maxis.

The book starts off with the bar, Sanctuary, closing at 4am. It closes to the humans at that time but is open to the paranormal clientele for the remainder of the night. A group of female Arcadian Amazon dragon-slayers led by their queen, Nala, comes down the stairs holding a knife to one of the Peltier brother’s necks and demands to have the mate of their tribeswoman handed over to them. Of course, no one knows that Maxis is the one who they are referring to so they tell Nala to basically bite the big one. Then another Amazon woman walks down the stairs and tells them that her mate is not there so all of the other Amazons teleport away.

The Amazon woman ends up being Maxis’ mate, Seraphina, who he has not seen in thousands of years because she betrayed him. One part of the curse against Were-Hunters is that they don’t get to choose their own mates. The Fates choose them instead. When two Were-Hunters meet and if the Fates decide they should be mated, sometimes it seems just to be cruel, both Were-Hunters receive a tattoo on their bodies. Usually, the mark is on their hands and it burns when appears. After the mark appears, the two are forever tied to each other. The male can never have sex with another female again because it renders them impotent for all other women and makes them physically sick and in pain if they attempt to have sex with anyone but their mate. So Max has been abstinent ever since he left Seraphina.

Maxis met Seraphina in a tavern just after his brother Hadyn was killed. He was there mourning. Seraphina was there because two times a year her kind go into heat and need to have sex so they go into the nearby towns and search for lovers. She seduced Maxis, thinking it would be a one night stand but then the Fates mated them. In their passion, they didn’t ask anything about each other but then Sera saw the Dragonbane mark on Maxis’ thigh and she knew he was…or she thought…he was a Katagaria dragon, her enemy. She and her tribe hunt and kill Katagaria dragons. When she was a child, a group of Katagaria dragons killed her whole village including her mother. She believes they are unfeeling animals.

They work it out and he agrees to go live with Seraphina and her tribe but the tribe is awful to Maxis. He endures anyway. Sera always sided with her tribe and queen. She was also demanding. Amazon’s believe the female is the boss and expect the male to do as they say and she demanded that Maxis be waiting for her in camp when she returned from battle and for him to have her dinner waiting for her. But while she is gone, the tribeswomen paw him and touch him inappropriately along with treating him poorly.

Once while she is gone, Nala tries to force Maxis to have sex with her and when she got forceful with him, he physically removed her from his tent. When Seraphina returned, Nala lied to her and said Maxis attacked her and demanded that Seraphina put a special magickal collar on him that would prevent him from shifting fully into his dragon form and bring him to her for punishment. And Seraphina did! Nala and her tribe almost killed him, cutting up his wings and beating him. He told Seraphina that he never wanted to see her again. His brother, Illarion, rescued him and took him away.

Now, Seraphina wants Maxis’ help. She tells him that his children need him. What children? Yeah, she was pregnant with his twins when he left and due to a long series of events, including a Zeus turning her tribe into stone, she never got around to finding him to tell him. Their son and daughter were taken by the gallu demon, Kessar, who is demanding the Dragonbane in exchange for the children (young adults, Were-Hunters age more slowly and plus they were entombed in stone for a long time). Kessar has gotten ahold of The Emerald Tablet and with the Dragonbane’s heart can do some sort of spell that will help him kill Stryker and the daimons he leads. Stryker is Kessar’s enemy but once was an ally until Kessar betrayed him. The daemons have learned that if they feed off of gallu souls that they can walk in daylight so Kessar wants to kill them.

What Sera doesn’t know, is that Nala is in league with Kessar. She made an agreement with him to hand over Seraphina’s children if Kessar released her tribe from the stone. And that Kessar has discovered that Maxis is the father of the children and he knows something about Maxis that he could use to destroy the world and even rule it. Kessar begins making plans that could release The Destroyer otherwise known as Apollymi, who would destroy the whole world and only leave darkness behind.

I gobbled up the pages of this book because I am such a fan of this series. I was lost in the drama, politics and history of the story which can get downright confusing and complicated. I found myself having to look up a few things to try to remember certain legends and why a certain law or curse happened or who certain people were. I mean, I know the characters in the books but there have been 26 of them so far and I forget who is related to which god or demon and so forth. Luckily, Sherrilyn’s website is FANTASTIC. It’s not just a page that shows her books and upcoming events or releases but she has a list of characters and their basic backgrounds, a family tree for one of her series and even a playlist to go along with each book. I am not sure she has a list of terms or if she does, how to get to them but I Googled some of the terms which brought me to that particular term on her website but I didn’t see an actual page that had the terms. That is okay though. Her website is better than any other author that I have seen.

I am currently reading a book that I have somehow missed. How the hell did I do that? It has multiple Dark-Hunter short stories or novellas in it. I read the first one, House of the Rising Son and then took a quick break to read this book but will continue reading the rest of the stories. I’m also thinking about re-reading the series, something I have never done with any series before except for Narnia when I was a kid. That should take me a good chunk of time and keep me busy until the her next book comes out…I read her other series too so I know the next book in The League series comes out in about three months.

I recommend this book series or any of her book series to everyone who likes paranormal romances. Even if you aren’t so into the romance part, the plot and storyline with all the myth and creatures is so interesting that it is worth it.

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How to Seduce a Vampire (Without Really Trying) – Love at Stake Series – Kerrelyn Sparks

How to Seduce a Vampire (Without Really Trying) (Love at Stake Book 15)

For the last 300 years, Zoltan Czakvar has been the Coven Master of Eastern Europe for the Vamps and since the year 1241, he has been searching for answers of who destroyed his village when he was a teenager and killed his father. His only clue is an arrow with strange markings on it. He knows very little about where his mother had come from, maybe the East, but he knew that she could communicate with animals and birds. He inherited the ability but can only speak with mammals not birds.
When Russell, a Vamp who has been searching for Master Han, shows up to be restocked on synthetic blood, Zoltan notices he has an arrow just like the one that killed his father. Russell refuses to tell him where he got it so when Russell teleports away, Zoltan grabs onto him and hitches a ride. They end up near the Himalayan Mountains where he locates a village and starts asking questions about the arrow. The villagers are too afraid of the people who made the arrows to answer any questions so he starts searching the surrounding areas for answers.
Neona is a warrior woman from the secret valley of Beyul-La. No men are allowed to see Beyul-La and nobody besides the warrior woman can know about their sacred duty. Two weeks ago, they lost five women including Neona’s twin sister in a battle against Master Han and his soldiers. Now there are only six remaining women. When an owl warns the queen that there is an intruder in the nearby valley, she orders the women to find him. If he is a good specimen for fatherhood, sleep with him and then kill him. Neona and her pet leopard find the intruder before the other women find him. She thinks he would be a fine specimen to father a daughter so she tries to seduce him. Zoltan sees that she has the same kind of arrows that killed his fathers and wants more answers. Though he is extremely attracted to Neona, he does not sleep with her and agrees to meet her again in secret without the other women knowing.
There are so many questions that Zoltan needs answered like what are the women guarding? The water in the cave in Beyul-La keeps the women young but is that what they are guarding? Why are only women allowed there? After he has discovered the warrior women, Russell tells him that he fought with the women against Master Han’s soldiers and saved the queen. He was seriously injured so the women nursed him back to health and let him live as long as he kept their existence secret. Now Master Han wants whatever the women are guarding so Zoltan and the Vamps need to help them.
Zoltan and Neona fall in love but Neona has made a sacred vow to stay and guard Beyul-La. How can she be with Zoltan when she has to stay in Beyul-La where men are not allowed?
There is a lot going on in this book. I liked this story and it had the usual humor that I love about Kerrelyn Sparks’ writing but once again the word ‘winced’ was overused. It was used 72 times in this book. I just can’t get over it. It bugs me something fierce.
While I was reading this book, I saw that Mikhail had hooked up with Lady Pamela. It must have been in the anthology novella that I missed. Damn, I have been waiting for Mikhail’s story for a long time and now I know he hooked up with Pamela. I guess I better read that story so that is what I’m off to do now.

Book Cover Design – It’s one of the better designs of the series. The model is super hot and matches what I would think Zoltan looks like. The background looks like it could be the valley of Beyul-La. I thought the dragon was a butterfly until I looked at it more closely. I don’t know why the designers of Kerrelyn’s books always use that homely color of school buses for the typography. There are so many nice colors out there but school bus yellow or orange is not one of them. Yuck! I think if they went with a dark orange or a brighter yellow, it would look better.

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