Paint it All Red – Mindf*ck #5 – S.T. Abby

Things did not end well in the last book. Logan, the FBI agent found out that his girlfriend Lana is the serial killer he’s been looking for but she managed to escape after he handcuffed her naked to the bed.

WARNING! Do not read this if you have not read the previous books. It also contains some disturbing subject matter.

I thought it was creepy that he found out she was the serial killer, went and had rough sex with her and then handcuffed her to the bed. Thankfully, he admitted in this book that he was wrong in doing that.

This book started out with Logan and his team trying to solve the original murders from ten years ago that happened in Delaney Grove. They believe that will lead them to solving the current revenge murders except three of the team already know that Lana is the revenge killer. Logan, Hadley and Leonard haven’t shared what they know because they have seen the corruption  from the sheriff of the town who controls everything from restaurants to the cable company.

The sheriff, with the help of SSA Johnson wrongly convicted Lana’s father for the murders of a series of women including the sheriff’s own daughter. They manufactured evidence and paid off the crooked judge. Then they brutally murdered Lana’s father in his cell and forced the coroner to say it was a suicide.

But that wasn’t the worst of everything. The sheriff sent his psychotic son along with twelve others to rape and murder Lana and her brother right in the middle of the street. The townspeople just closed their doors and windows and let it happen. They were left for dead but made it to a hospital a few towns away. Her brother died but Lana, whose name was Victoria back then, survived. With the help of her best friend, Jake, she took the identity of a rich heiress who died in that hospital the same night and switched bodies so no one would know Victoria survived. Whew! I hope I explained that okay.

Lana and Jake aren’t done with their revenge but Jake worries that Lana will end up just another statistic of a revenge killer going the way of suicide by cop or losing her soul now that she no longer has Logan’s love to live for.

I have to admit, even though some of the events in this final book were showy and unbelievable, I still enjoyed it.

All the Lies – Mindf*ck #4 – S.T. Abby

Lana Myers is a serial killer who is dating the FBI agent investigating her case. She’s actually a revenge killer who is killing the men who did horrible things to her and her brother ten years ago. She’s called the Scarlet Slayer because she paints the walls with her victims blood when she’s finished.

In this book we finally find out why she is so angry with the entire town where she grew up when her boyfriend Logan and his team go to investigate Delaney Grove. He takes Lana along to protect her because the last serial killer he was after tried to kill Lana. He wants to keep her close for a while.

This book was intense and I can’t wait to read what happens next. As soon as I finish writing this summary, I’m jumping right into the next book.

Scarlet Angel – Mindf*ck #3 – S.T. Abby

The Boogeyman, the serial killer who Logan is investigating, has set a trap. He has let his hostage go so Logan and one of his FBI teammates is driving the hour and a half to see her. What they don’t know is that the police detail outside his girlfriend Lana’s house has been called away to help on another case and the Boogeyman is in Lana’s house.

I thought this was some pretty sloppy police and FBI work but saw it coming a mile away.

This is exactly what Lana wanted though. Lana wants a chance to kill this sicko who has murdered and raped innocent women. You see, Lana is a serial murderer herself except she kills for revenge of something that happened to her ten years ago.

What Lana doesn’t know is that one of Logan’s co-workers, who has been suspicious of Lana, broke into Lana’s house before she arrived home and was accosted by the Boogeyman. He stuffed Hadley in the closet that has slats for viewing in the living room for a front seat view of what he thinks will be the murder of Lana.

I love how Lana has funny thoughts about how ridiculous some of the situations she gets into are.

The story is getting more complicated as we learn about Lana’s past and the town she came from. It can only get better from here.

Sidetracked – Mindf*ck #2 – S.T. Abby

Lana is a revenge killer and she is dating the FBI agent named Logan who is investigating her kills, thinking they are after a sadist serial killer.

Logan is also working a case that the press has dubbed the Boogeyman. The Boogeyman has made it personal so there is a police officer inside her home to protect her and police cars outside her house because Logan has no idea Lana can protect herself.

She hopes no one will get too nosy and find her hidden room upstairs where she has her observation equipment and killing tools.

She also has to worry about one of Logan’s overprotective teammates who has dug into Lana’s past (illegally)and discovered that she stole a rich heiress’ identification and later changed her name to Lana Myers. But Lana knows everything in the file matches her identity thanks to her best friend Jake. She shows Hadley, the co-worker her scars on her torso which make Hadley back off a little.

So far, this series has kept me turning page after page. I’m already reading the next book.