Blood Bound – Blackthorn #7 – Lindsay J. Pryor

This book was much better than the last book but I may have judged the last book a little more harshly because I couldn’t stand the main female character.

Eden and Jessie were featured in a previous book and this book featured them again. Jessie is an envoi, a type of angel, who gave her tears to Eden and his niece Honey to save their lives only to find out that those tears may end up killing them anyway.

They are hiding below the city in tunnels along with the lycans and Kane, a master vampire, from the human army led by the evil Sirius Throme. Jessie has found out that Sirius has enhanced his human army by giving them angel tears but his past experiments had killed his subjects until he learned to give them a supplement of something along with the tears. Jessie did not do this with Eden or Honey and now it is too late so she decides to go up top into the city of Blackthorn where all sorts of dangers exist to find some hidden files from someone who had done extensive research into the subject to try and find if there is another cure. Eden decides to go with her.

Torren, a particularly nasty angel who has a grudge against Jessie and who just happens to be the area’s angel leader, abducts Jessie and Eden. Torren is the one who bound Jessie and took away a lot of her memory from her previous life when she lived with the angels. Binding her meant that he made a talisman necklace with a substance inside it that made it so that she could only go a certain distance from the necklace. A con named Pummel acquired the necklace and became Jessie’s master for fifty years until Eden came along and saved her. She has worn the necklace ever since. Now, Torren has the necklace. Torren can’t kill Eden because he is vital to the prophecy that effects the third species including angels but he can kill Jessie who is not vital.

What he ends up doing is wiping out ten years of Eden’s memory which is before he became the man he is today, before Honey was born and before he became an Curfew Enforcement Officer. Torren then hands Jessie and Eden over to Homer and Mya, two cons who know exactly who they are and will make them suffer before they kill them. Jessie cannot tell Eden anything or they will kill them both right away.

Since Eden does not remember who he is and has tattoos with numbers showing his crimes on his arm from going deep undercover, Homer and Mya convince him that he is a con and he is Homer’s second. Mya tells him she is his girl.

I almost cried at some of the things Jessie had to endure, watching Eden with Mya and thinking he was a con. All I wanted out of this book was to see Homer, Torren and Mya to die. That sounds bad but that is what happens in books.

There are other evil characters in this book too who I would like to see get their just rewards like Sirius and Feinith. Both have caused way too much pain in the world.

I don’t know how much further this story can go without wrapping up soon. We’ll see what happens.

Razr – Demonica #11.8 – 1001 Dark Nights – Larissa Ione

I love the covers of these 1001 Dark Nights books. They always have the most brilliant colors yet it is mostly words with just a few pictures which are usually in the zeroes of the 1001. I give kudos to the graphic artist who designs these covers.

This is Larissa Ione’s fourth novella in the 1001 Dark Nights series. The 1001 Dark Nights series is a collection of paranormal and contemporary romance stories by various authors. I only follow a few of the authors so I haven’t read that many of them. I have noticed, however, that Larissa works with a lot of other authors on different projects like the Rising Storm series which is a long story written by various authors and Blood Red Kiss which is a book that has stories by Gena Showalter and Kresley Cole, two authors in my top ten favorites along with Larissa Ione of course.

We, the reader, have met Razr before in the last book of the Demonica series, Z although he remained a mystery. He is an angel who was kicked out of Heaven, along with two other angels, for making the huge mistake of losing the Enoch Gems during a battle against demons. His wings were bound and he also must endure beatings at irregular intervals. He carries his own whip and hands it to the nearest person when the glyph on his hand starts to glow. If he isn’t whipped right away, he experiences excruciating pain. In order to get back into Heaven, he has to find the Enoch Gems but he works in the underworld in Sheoul-gra for Azagoth aka the Grim Reaper so he doesn’t have a lot of time to go look. He’s in luck though because Azagoth decided to give him time off to locate the gems. Razr can’t wait to kill whoever was responsible for stealing the gems.

Jedda is a Gem Elf who, along with her two sisters, stole the gems from Razr while he and his team were busy fighting demons. She and her sisters can sense gems and felt the powerful jewels so they stole them from their human keepers. Each one of her sisters absorbed the power of the gems so that their life forces are dependent on the gems and then hid the physical gems. Jedda hid hers in Scotland with dhampires guarding it. Her gem just happens to be Razr’s gem, the one he has to get back in order to get back into Heaven.

Razr found the dhampires who were guarding his gem but they told him without its current owner, they had no way to access it. That led him to Jedda.

Jedda lives in the human realm and works as a specialist with gems. She was at what she thought was a gem conference when Razr found her but she soon found out it was a trap. A fallen angel named Shrike used some evil power from some evil demon or deity that he worshipped to put a spell on Jedda. She will weaken and eventually die if she doesn’t hand over the gem and a crystal horn that Shrike needs for some evil purpose.

Razr agrees to help her only because he needs the gem himself but he also has an unexplainable attraction to Jedda. He wants to believe that she just acquired the gem from a gem dealer or collector after the initial theft but he isn’t so sure. He has no clue that giving up the gem’s power will kill her.

This was a quick and enjoyable read. I always like Larissa Ione’s characters because she makes both the females and males baddass…no innocent little miss perfects in her books. I look forward to her next book. I wonder who it will be about.

Revenant – Lords of Deliverance/Demonica – Larissa Ione

Ohhhhhh….this book is good! It’s real good. I just love the big vocabulary I pulled off there but that’s what I think. I have been a fan of this series since the first book. The characters and world that Larissa Ione has created has sucked me in and I’ll be sorry when this series ends. This has been rumored to be the last book but at the beginning of the book the author tells us that she promises that the ride isn’t over yet so there could be more books. Yay!

For five thousand years or as Revenant puts it, “Five thousand f**king years” he believed he was a Fallen Angel but everyone had lied to him. Not only did they lie but his memories had been taken away from him twice. He was an Angel who was born and raised in Sheoul. His mother was captured by Satan while pregnant with twins. Heaven made a deal with Satan so his mother had to choose which twin to keep and which twin to give to Heaven. She chose to give his twin, Reaver or Yenrieth (his Heavenly name) to Heaven. Revenant was fed demons blood when he was just hours old. He never had a chance. You can’t enter Heaven with demon blood and as far as he knows, there is no way to cleanse it from his body.

Revenant was tortured and had to watch his mother be tortured for years. He was taken away from his mother at the age of ten to work in the mines of Sheoul as a slave. Any time he did something wrong or didn’t follow the rules his mother was tortured so now he follows rules relentlessly.

After his mother’s death, he became a bad bad angel or a very good fallen angel depending how you look at it. Now that his memories are back, he is angry and confused. He wants to forget the last five thousand years…if only for a few hours and he knows just the person to help, a False Angel named Blasphemy who he has been a little obsessed with lately. But Blasphemy is blowing him off….and not the way he wants her to.

Blasphemy has a secret all of her own that she does not want anyone to know because it could get her killed. Her mom performed a spell when she was born to disguise her as a False Angel but the spell is wearing off. She was born a Vyrm, someone born to an Angel and a Fallen angel, which is forbidden by Heaven and Sheoul. Both Angels and Fallen Angels hunt down and kill all Vyrm because some Vyrm have the ability to look into the eyes of an angel or fallen angel and a moment later, everyone in his family falls dead. Vyrm have a 50/50 chance of being good or evil. Blasphemy is good.

Blasphemy is attracted to Revenant but fears that he will kill her if he finds out what she really is because he always follows rules.

Raphael, the arch angel, has promised Revenant that if he delivers Gethel who is pregnant by Satan (Yep, she’s Lucifer’s baby mama) to him, he will cleanse him from the demon blood so he can enter Heaven. Raphael is a real dick and Revenant does not trust him. Why are the angels making him jump through hoops when entering Heaven should be his birth right! But until his blood is cleansed, things like trees, grass and flowers in Heaven will die if he enters. Satan, on the other hand is demanding that Revenant kill an angel or two or three to show his loyalty to him. If he can’t live in Heaven, Satan can find him anywhere on earth and Sheoul. He can’t piss off Satan and Sheoul is the only thing he has ever known. Revenant has a big choice to make.

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Vampire Mine – Love at Stake Series – Kerrelyn Sparks

Finally!!! I got to read about my…errrr…Connor. Throughout the series, I have been wanting to read his story because with his grouchy comments, he obviously had something against love. Connor is another sexy kilt wearing Scotsman who works for Mackay Security and Investigation as the Roman Draganesti’s personal guard. He is nearing is 500th birthday which is the equivalent to a mortal’s mid-life crisis. Unlike other vampires, he enjoys his death sleep during the day because he can feel no pain or have any painful memories. He believes that he is bound for hell for things he did in his past but Father Andrew tells him all he has to do is confess his sins and he will be forgiven. Connor is not about to do that. He tells Father Andrew, “I confess nothing.”
When Connor is sent to Mount Rushmore to make sure their enemy is not there, he sees unusual lightning and hears a woman and a man arguing. He hears the man tell the woman that she is banished and then he find the woman alone, naked and bleeding on the ground. He thinks she may be a Malcontent, the enemy, but he isn’t sure so he teleports her to Romatech. She keeps mumbling and telling him not to touch her. Roman and Laszlo think she is an angel because the cuts on her back have strange bones that do not match human anatomy. One of the beloved mortals – I can’t say who or it will spoil it – touches the angel and almost dies so Roman attempts to turn them into a vampire. Roman is then angry at Connor for endangering everyone by bringing an angel of death to Romatech so Connor takes her to Howard, the bear shifter’s cabin to help her heal.
We find out that Marielle is an angel of deliverance. She delivers souls that are already dying to heaven. She has trouble obeying orders so was banished when she thought she could save the children of the family that Casimir and his minions killed. She thought that the children could be healed instead of delivered unto death so she did not follow orders and another angel had to do her job. Her wings were torn from her body and she was left to fend for herself in the mortal realm. She believes she can get back her wings and go back to heaven if she helps the Vamps defeat Casimir but as she gets to know Connor, she starts to fall in love with him. How will she ever leave him?
This book had some humor in it and it was fun to watch Marielle learn to be human especially when Vanda, Marta and Brynley teleport in and decide to give her tips on how to be a female and they tell her about blow-jobs. What a nice thing to teach an angel! Mostly though, the book was serious and even had a death of well-loved character. I cried.
Sideline Stories –
Corky Courrant, the trouble-making talk show host who is now having an affair with Casimir stirs up more trouble. I really hope that someone stakes her in one of her huge boobs and hopefully it will be Vanda since Corky has caused her so much trouble. Another mortal gets transformed into a vampire when they are attacked by a Malcontent during a battle. This person might not like being a vampire so much though. Dougal was mentioned in this book but nothing was said on how well he is doing with just one hand since his right hand was chopped off. Lots of couples are pregnant and having children. I’m having a hard time keeping up with it all.
Of course, I cannot tell you the end of the book but if you are reading these books in a random order, I think this one is a must-read before you read book #11 or higher.
Now that I read Connor’s story, I have found a new crush. I found him in the last book. Mikhail from Moscow has been mentioned in a few of the books but in Eat Prey Love, his personality was shown as mostly quiet but super sarcastic with a dry sense of humor. I love sarcastic men.
I’m ready for the next book, Sexiest Vampire Alive.

Book Cover Design – Super Sexy! The first thing that catches my eye is the gorgeous man and then from there I look outward to the angel and then to typography. It seems like the angel should catch my eye first but the intense look on the man’s face is what catches my attention. Everything on the cover is perfect.

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