Sherrilyn Kenyon – Dark-Hunter, Chronicles of Nick, The League, Bad Agency, Belador

Sherrilyn Kenyon is my absolute favorite author of paranormal romance books. I like everything she writes. I’ve read every book and every series and I anxiously await each book release. She writes fast too.

She isn’t one of those authors…I’m not going to mention any names like, “cough” George R.R. Martin…who makes you wait years in between books. She must take her job serious. I do not know how she writes so fast and attends all the book signings and events she goes to but boy am I glad she does it.

Some of the things I like about her;

  • She has created an intriguing and complicated world with her Dark-Hunter Series that blends Greek and Roman Gods with Vampires, Werewolves, Damons, Humans and other creatures.
  • It’s not just the Dark-Hunter Series that I like but her others which include Chronicles of Nick, BAD Agency, Belador and The League.
  • Her website is amazing and for me to say, “amazing” is a rarity. I have a pet peeve about people overusing this particular word. Most authors have a list of their books along with release dates and promotions but not Sherrilyn. She has Book Lists, Latest News, Galleries, Community and my favorite is her character descriptions with hot pictures of the women and men we readers lust after. And she includes playlists for each book with kickass music.
  • She writes fast and releases her books quickly so we don’t have to wait ages for a new book.
  • There are rarely mistakes or typos in her books.
  • She includes lots of humor. This is a must for me to enjoy a book. Even the most serious of situations can include humor. I absolutely abhor books without humor or when characters are too serious or dry.

I could go on for years about this author but alas, I must stop somewhere or my boyfriend will think I have a crush on Sherrilyn.

When I figure out how to do all this blogging stuff, I’ll include links and latest news on her books. Yes, when I like an author this much, I will promote them shamelessly.

Her Dark Hunter Series is broken into four categories, Dark Hunter, Dream-Hunter, Were-Hunter and Hellchaser but I’m just going to put them in reading order. My order is different from Amazon’s order because I don’t include the prequel in my numbering system.

I. Fantasy Lover a Prequel
1. Night Pleasures (Dark-Hunter Book 1) My Review
1.5 Dragonswan as found in In Other Worlds (Paranormal Romance (Berkley))
2. Night Embrace (Dark-Hunter Book 2) My Review
2.5 Phantom Lover as found in Dark Bites: A Short Story Collection (Dark-Hunter Novels) My Review
2.75 A Dark Hunter Christmas as found in Dark Bites My Review
3. Dance with the Devil (Dark-Hunter Book 3) My Review
4. Kiss of the Night (Dark-Hunter Book 4) My Review
5. Night Play (Were-Hunter Book 1) My Review
6. Seize the Night (Dark-Hunter Book 6) My Review
7. Sins of the Night (Dark-Hunter Book 7) My Review
8. Unleash the Night (Were-Hunter Book 2) My Review
9. Dark Side of the Moon (Were-Hunter, Book 3) My Review
9.5 A Hard Days Night Search as found in Dark Bites My Review
9.75 Until Death Do We Part as found in Dark Bites My Review
10. The Dream-Hunter (Dream-Hunter Book 1) My Review
10.5 Fear the Darkness as found in Dark Bites My Review
11. Devil May Cry (Dark-Hunter Book 11) My Review
12. Upon The Midnight Clear (Dream-Hunter Book 2) My Review
13. Dream Chaser (Dream-Hunter Book 3) My Review
14. Acheron (Dark-Hunter Book 14) My Review
14.5 Where Angels Fear to Tread as found in Dark Bites My Review
14.75 Shadow of the Moom as found in Dark Bites My Review
15. One Silent Night (Dark-Hunter Book 15) My Review
16. Dream Warrior (Dream-Hunter Book 4) My Review
17. Bad Moon Rising: (Were-Hunter 4, Hellchaser 1) My Review
18. No Mercy (Were-Hunter 5, Hellchaser 2) My Review
19. Retribution (Dark-Hunter Book 19) My Review
20. The Guardian (Dream-Hunter Book 5, Hellchaser Book 3, Were-Hunter Book 6) My Review
21. Time Untime (Dark-Hunter Novels) My Review
21.5 House of the Rising Son as found in Dark Bites My Review 
Note: Sherrilyn’s website has House of the Rising Son listed after Styxx but I think it comes before Styxx
22. Styxx (Dark-Hunter Book 22) My Review
23. Son of No One (Dark-Hunter Novels Book 18) My Review
24. Dragonbane (Dark-Hunter Novels Book 19) My Review
25. Dragonmark  My Review
Dark Bites: A Short Story Collection (Dark-Hunter Novels) two unrelated stories Love Bytes and Santa Wears Spurs My Review

Chronicles of Nick

Infinity: Chronicles of Nick (Chronicles of Nick (Quality))
Invincible: The Chronicles of Nick
Infamous: Chronicles of Nick
Inferno: Chronicles of Nick
Illusion: Chronicles of Nick
Instinct (Chronicles of Nick Book 6) My Review
InVision (Chronicles of Nick Book 7)  My Review
The League

Born of Night
Born of Fire (League Novels)
Born of Ice (League, No 3)
Born of Shadows (The League)
Born of Shadows (The League)
Cloak & Silence (The League)
Born of Fury (A League Novel)
Born of Defiance (The League: Nemesis Rising Book 7) My Review
Born of Betrayal My Review
Born of Legend My Review



Bad Agency

Born To Be BAD — 2005 publication
Bad Attitude (B.A.D.: Bureau of American Defense)
Phantom in the Night (B.a.D. Agency)
Whispered Lies (B.a.D. Agency)
Silent Truth
Deadly Promises


Blood Trinity: Book 1 in the Belador Series
Alterant (Belador)
The Curse (Belador)
Rise of the Gryphon (Belador)
Fire Bound (Free Story on author’s website)


2 thoughts on “Sherrilyn Kenyon – Dark-Hunter, Chronicles of Nick, The League, Bad Agency, Belador

  1. The way the books are listed “in order” and the series of books are very hard for me to understand. I keep a notebook of all my books, so that I don’t buy books that I already have. I have them listed by the different series and I have a hard time doing it with this author. Is there a way to make it easier for me?


    • I that no what’s hard is that many of the Dark-Hunter books are that there are so many subseries within the main series. I just list all of them under Dark-Hunter and then write in the subseries after it.


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