Shannon K. Butcher – Sentinel Wars Series

Sentinels are three races descended from ancient guardians of humans. Each one has a unique power which they use in the war against their long-time enemy the Synestryn.

I only read part of the first book. I loved the beginning of the first book when the author focused on the heroine but when she got to the Sentinels, I got a little lost. I plan on revisiting this series because I think it may be worth it.

Burning Alive: The Sentinel Wars
Finding the Lost: The Sentinel Wars
Running Scared: The Sentinel Wars
The Collector as found in On the Hunt
Living Nightmare: The Sentinel Wars
Blood Hunt: The Sentinel Wars
BOUND BY VENGEANCE: A Sentinel Wars Novella (A Penguin Special from New American Library)
Dying Wish: A Novel of the Sentinel Wars
Falling Blind: The Sentinel Wars
Binding Ties: The Sentinel Wars



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