Sable Grace – Dark Breed Series

Sable Grace is the writing team of Heather Waters & Laura Barone
I read 38% of the first book Ascension according to my Kindle. It has been a while since I read it or rather tried to read it so I’ll try to explain why I didn’t finish the book. The main character, Kyana was too abrasive for me. She was too tough, too uncaring and too rude and snarky. Don’t get me wrong, I like kickass heroines but Kyana’s was too mannish for my taste. I get that people have to be tough in the dark and dangerous world that the author has them living in but I wish Kyana could have had a little compassion in her character somewhere. I did like Riker though and the storyline was solid.

I read some other reviews that suggest that later in the book, the author explains why Kyana is the way she is (probably should have done that in the beginning) and that her character matures so that she is more likable. Someday, I may revisit this series.

Ascension: A Dark Breed Novel (Dark Breed Novels)
Bedeviled: A Dark Breed Novel
Chosen: A Dark Breed Novel
Before the Fall: A Dark Breed Novella (Dark Breed Novels)

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