Meljean Brook – The Guardian Series

Guardians are men and women who have been transformed by Michael (angel) into immortals because they sacrificed their lives to save another against otherworldly threats. They have been gifted with strength and the ability to alter their appearance. They fight to protect humans against demons, nosferatu and Lucifer’s evil plans.
I started with Demon Angel not knowing that Falling for Anthony in the Hot Spell Anthology was the introduction to the series.

Falling for Anthony in Hot Spell
Demon Angel (Guardian Series)
Paradise as found in Wild Thing
Demon Moon (Guardian Series)
Demon Night (Guardian Series)
Thicker than Blood found in First Blood
Demon Bound (Guardian Series)
Demon Forged (Guardian Series)
Blind Spot found in Must Love Hellhounds (Kate Daniels)
Demon Blood (Guardian Series)
Demon Marked (Guardian Series)
Ascension as found in Angels of Darkness
Guardian Demon (Guardian Series)
This series is complete

Note: I know a lot of authors team up with other authors to make anthologies and I usually don’t mind having to buy one book that has unrelated stories in it because I can always sample the other author’s stories to see if I like them. That being said, anthologies are more expensive to purchase and sometimes I just don’t want to read the other unrelated stories so I was a little put off when this author included five anthologies in her series.

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