Lindsay J. Pryor – Blackthorn

Here is a series where I loved the premise of the story where the world is set up in a caste system where vampires, werewolves and criminals are the lowest of the tiers and have to live separated from everyone else in their own run down city. The story gets better with each book. The one thing that could have blown it for me is that there were tons of typos and mistakes in the books. Each time I came to a typo, it would distract me from the story. I just think that if I am going to pay good money for a book, it should be free of errors. I can see one or two typos but these books are riddled with them. Not only were the typos distracting, the author used an ‘s’ everywhere a ‘z’ should be . In words like realize and terrorize, she would write realise and terrorise. Is it a British thing? I’ve read other British authors and have never run into anything like this before. Maybe the author is just missing her ‘z’ key. Luckily, the story was good enough for me to ignore, for the most part, the mistakes.

Blood Shadows: Blackthorn Book One (Volume 1) See ReviewBlood Roses (Blackthorn) (Volume 2)
Blood Torn (Blackthorn) (Volume 3)
Blood Deep coming soon

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