Keri Arthur – Dark Angel Series

This is a spin-off series from Keri’s Riley Jenson Guardian Series. I didn’t know that when I started reading it. In fact, I didn’t know that until just a few minutes ago when I looked it up. I wonder if I would have read the Riley Jenson Guardian Series, it would have changed the way I viewed the books. I still enjoyed them. The series is set in Melbourne, Australia and follows Risa Jones who has the ability to talk to dying and souls that have died. She also sees Reapers as they follow around people who will die soon. She has to basically save the world and find ‘keys’ that in the wrong hands could open or close the gates that hold evil souls permanently.

Darkness Unbound (Dark Angels)
Darkness Rising (Riley Jenson)
Darkness Devours (Dark Angels)
Darkness Hunts (Dark Angels)
Darkness Unmasked (Dark Angels)
Darkness Splintered (Dark Angels)

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