Jacquelyn Frank – The Nightwalkers Series

There are a lot of good reviews out there about this series. Mine is not one of them. I think the story is interesting but I just could not get through the first book. The author over describes things, thoughts and situations. I found myself skipping through paragraphs and sometimes pages to get past all the descriptions. It was annoying. It was like talking to my ex-husband.
**Here I go off on one of my infamous tangents**
I once asked him what he was reading as I was walking past his bedroom on the way to mine. I was still living in our shared home after we broke up for a few months until I could afford my own place. Anyway, as I walked by, I saw him reading and asked him what he was reading. He’s one of those men who is a genius, really nerdy and has a voice that kind of drones on and on in a kind of monotone style. He looks up and says, “I’m actually reading two books. I’m comparing Jung’s archetype of man to Joseph Campbell’s comparative mythology to discover the link between blah blah blah” He lost me at archetype of man but he kept going and going using gigantic words that only a professor of philosophy would understand. As he droned on, one side of his lip curled higher than the other so he was speaking through just one side of his mouth and his voice got a nasally ring to it. I had noticed that, through the way too many years I was with him, he would do that when he was speaking with other uber intelligent people as he tried to one up them. I actually noticed that a lot of the people in his academic circle did the lip thing. So, as he is going on and on, I try to interrupt but he doesn’t even take a breath so that I can get a word in. I then start looking toward my room and even twisted my body sideways in an attempt to give him the hint that I needed to go but he still did not get the hint. I start sighing heavily. He is looking at me but just continues on in that Data from Star Trek voice. Finally, I just said, “Good God man, you lost me at archetype. I was just trying to pass with polite conversation.” He huffed and I escaped to my room.
End of Rant
That’s how I felt about this author’s over description of everything. But some people like that sort of thing so you may enjoy the series anyway.

Jacob: The Nightwalkers (The Nightwalkers, Book 1)
Gideon: The Nightwalkers (The Nightwalkers, Book 2)
Elijah: The Nightwalkers
Damien (The Nightwalkers Book 4)
Noah (The Nightwalkers Book 5)
Adam: The Nightwalkers

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