Christine Feehan – Dark Series

This series is about a race of people able to shape-shift, heal and manipulate the elements who are called the Carpathians and live in the Carpathian Mountains. They have to drink blood to survive and do so by using their telepathic abilities to “call’ humans to them and then erase the human’s mind afterwards. They only take enough to sustain them and never kill the humans. The ones that do kill humans become Vampires who are evil soulless creatures. The Carpathian race is becoming extinct due to a lack of female births but they discover that certain humans have the ability to turned into Carpathians to become life-mates with the male Carpathians.
I’ve read 25 books of the series. I like the premise of the series. As the series develops, the plot thickens and drags me deeper into the story. The characters, especially the men, are all upstanding people with basically good hearts but the men are a little too intense for me and the women are all just a little too perfect. Saying the men are misogynistic would not be right because that would be saying they hate women and they do not. Their life-mates are everything to them but they do try to rule the women and are overprotective. It’s just that some of their tactics in getting these women would be criminal in America – like kidnapping and stalking. I think the first ten books are really serious and lack a sense of humor. Later in the series, there starts to be some humor.
Overall, it is a good series to get your paranormal romance juices flowing. Yes, I meant that in the way you think I did.

Dark Prince: Author’s Cut Special Edition (Dark Series Book 1)
Dark Desire (Dark Series Book 2)
Dark Gold (Dark Series Book 3)
Dark Magic (Dark Series Book 4)
Dark Challenge (Dark Series Book 5)
Dark Fire (Dark Series Book 6)
Dark Legend (Dark Series Book 8)
Dark Guardian (Dark Series Book 9)
Dark Symphony (Dark Series Book 10)
Dark Melody (Dark Series Book 12)
Dark Destiny (Dark Series Book 13)
Dark Hunger (CARPATHIAN)
Dark Secret (Dark Series Book 15)
Dark Demon (Dark Series Book 16)
Dark Celebration: A Carpathian Reunion (Dark Series Book 17)
Dark Possession (Dark Series Book 18)
Dark Curse (Dark Series Book 19)
Dark Slayer (Dark Series Book 20)
Dark Peril (Dark Series Book 21)
Dark Predator (Dark Series Book 22)
Dark Storm (Dark Series Book 23)
Dark Nights
Dark Lycan (Dark Series Book 24)
Dark Wolf (Dark Series Book 25)
Dark Blood (Dark Series Book 26)

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