Angela Knight – Mageverse Series

Angela Knight Mageverse Series


The series is more erotica than paranormal romance. The whole idea behind everything in the plot is about sex. Yes, sex is an essential part of every paranormal romance book but this is just porn disguised as paranormal romance. The sad thing about it is that I could almost like the story if the author would have down played the smut.

The series is based on King Arthur and his court. Merlin and Nimue who were Alien Fae came to earth to make champions and teachers out of the races on earth which were the faerie or sidje and the humans. They decided to let the bravest, most intelligent and most skilled drink from the Merlin’s Grail which gave them powers. The males who drank from the cup became Magi or vampires while the females became Majae or witches. Among the drinkers were Arthur and his knights and Guinevere and her ladies. They are called Mageverse or Magekind. The children of the Magekind are born mortal with potential to become vampire or witches but only if one of the Magekind has sex with them. It takes a few love-making sessions to transform someone into a witch or vampire.

Unfortunately, it is in the way that one turns to vampire or witch where the author seems to focus her efforts and she does it in a way that really turned me off of the series. Some of the sex scenes (I can’t call them romance or love-making because they were downright trashy) had words that any woman would cringe at like the “c” word. She used it three times. In one scene, the male referred to the lady’s nether region as being sweeter than a Big Mac. GAG!

But some people may like erotica and the storyline is pretty interesting so it may be worth wallowing in the filth. If you skip the sex, you’ll be done in no time at all.

Seduction’s Gift as found in Hot Blooded
Master of the Night (Mageverse) (MY REVIEW)
Galahad as found in Bite
Master of the Moon (Mageverse, Book 3)
Master of Wolves (Mageverse, Book 5)
Moon Dance: A Mageverse Novella A Penguin eSpecial from Berkley Sensation (Wereworld)
Master of Swords (Mageverse)
Master of Dragons (Mageverse)
Vampire’s Ball as found in Hot for the Holidays
Master of Fire (Berkley Sensation)
Master of Smoke (Mageverse)
Master of Shadows (Berkley Sensation)
Master of Darkness (Mageverse)


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