Blue Lily, Lily Blue – The Raven Cycle #3 – Maggie Stiefvater

About ⅓ of the way through, maybe before, I couldn’t wait for the book to end. It was just dragging and getting too weird. I felt disconnected from the characters, the story, from everything.

I thought this was the last book and I’d get answers. It was the only reason I pushed through but I was wrong. It was not the last book.

I’ve had enough.

The Dream Thieves – The Raven Cycle #2 – Maggie Stiefvater

This book was much better than the first book. I think it was faster paced or maybe I liked the characters more in this one.

I still think something is missing. The characters, although I like them, lack warmth. The author describes them too robotically instead of getting into complex emotions.

Despite that, I love the storyline. It’s different and refreshing. I can’t wait to read the next book.

Ronan can literally take things out of his dreams. His father was murdered for this secret because he could do the same. Now, dangerous people are looking for the Greywaren, something that can take things from dreams. They just don’t know it’s a person yet. Ronan and his friends are in danger.

The Raven Boys – The Raven Cycle #1 – Maggie Stiefvater

I’m having a hard time with what exactly I felt about this book. My first thought upon finishing it was, “What a strange book.” but I don’t think that adequately describes it or maybe it does.

Blue lives in a house full of women psychics. She’s been told all her life that if she kissed her true love, he will die. The prophecy isn’t specific on how long afterwards he will die or if just a peck on the cheek will do it.

Every year on Saint Mark’s Eve, Blue accompanies her mom to corpse road to record the spirits of the people who will die in the following year. Corpse road is on a ley line. Blue is not psychic. She only enhances psychic energy so she’s surprised to see the spirit of a boy there. He tells her his name is Gansey. Her Aunt told her that the only way she could have seen him was if he is her one true love or she killed him.

Later, she meets Gansey and his friends who are hunting for ley lines and something or someone called Glendower. Gansey is obsessed with it.

The book is kind of slow in places but good nonetheless. I’m not sure I connected with any of the characters except Ronan who was sometimes a jerk but he seemed more interesting than the rest.

I have downloaded the second book. We’ll see how it goes.

Hawkyn – Demonica Underworld #5 – 1001 Dark Nights – Larissa Ione

Larissa Ione Never Disappoints

As always, I was blissfully bewitched with this story and it’s characters.
Hawkyn is in BIG trouble after interfering with his Primori, a serial killer, trying to abduct a woman. Hawkyn’s duty as a Memitim angel is to protect his Primori no matter what kind of monster he is because Primori play some kind of important role in history.Now, Hawkyn isn’t sure if he’s changed the future timeline so he has to try to fix it before he’s punished and loses any of his future aspirations of serving on the Memitim Council.

Now, Hawkyn isn’t sure if he’s changed the future timeline so he has to try to fix it before he’s punished and loses any of his future aspirations of serving on the Memitim Council.

Aurora is a Wytch, a mixture of succubus and witch. One evening she leaves the grocery store and a creepy van pulls up next to her car. She’s freaked out but also thinks that a creeper would never be that stereotypically obvious. She was wrong. One man approached her and then she sees another behind him so she blasts the second one with all the power she has and he goes flying. The other man thanks her and stuffs her in his van.

Larissa Ione is one of the writers who knows how to make her characters interesting by making them a little wicked, especially the female characters. I get so bored with prim and proper heroines who always do the right thing. Larissa’s characters aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty and they kick ass.

Night Reigns – Immortal Guardians #2 – Dianne Duvall

I like the ongoing storyline in this series but the protagonists are a little too cookie-cutter for me. The men are the typical strong alpha males who always do the right thing and the females are goody two shoes who never have a crooked thought and bore me into snooze land. There’s only one character on the good guys side who interests me and that is Bastien who gets under the skin of the other good guys.

Ami is something other than human. We all know that from the first book when she was rescued from some kind of super secret military type lab where she was being experimented on and tortured. A couple of her fingers were partially missing but grew back.

Marcus is an Immortal Guardian and a loner who for eight centuries pinned for a woman who would never be his and didn’t return the feelings. She has been gone for eight years now but he is still hung up on her.

When the leader of the Immortal Guardians orders Marcus to make Ami his Second, Marcus is determined to make her quit. All Immortal Guardians have to have a Second which is a human who can guard them during the day and perform other minor duties for them. Marcus discovers he is attracted to Ami which makes him more adamant to avoid and get rid of her. But Ami knows what he is up to and makes avoiding her impossible.

Their developing romance was just okay to me I didn’t understand why Ami wanted to keep whatever she is secret from Marcus though. I mean, he is immortal and sees ghosts so it’s not like he’d judge her for being different.

The ongoing storyline is interesting. Immortal Guardians hunt and kill vampires. Lately, the vampires have been coordinating and amassing an army against the Immortals which is odd because vampires go mad after a few years so it is hard for them to coordinate anything.

Now, there seems to be a new threat too. Whoever held Ami captive may still be out there.

It took me forever to get through this book. I would just get bored and go do other things. It isn’t that this book was awful but it lacked something that I can’t put my finger on. Maybe humor? I’m not going to give up on this series yet as I am assured other readers love it and I enjoy it enough to continue reading it.

Dark Calling – Arcana Chronicles #6 – Kresley Cole

Damn! That was good. I know there are all kinds of better descriptive words out there I could have used but that is what came to me as I finished the book.

It’s a post apocalyptic world. Evie survived the Flash, a solar flare that killed most of the population dried up the world, to discover she has supernatural abilities and is part of a recurring game where she is a character from a deck of Tarot cards playing for her life. The winner is the last one alive.

Throughout the series, Evie has learned the rules of this terrible game and struggled with her powers. She thinks she can find a way to end the game without having to kill all the other players, some with whom she has become friends, but the game doesn’t seem to want to play by her rules.

She fell in love with Jack but then thought he died so she fell in love with her former enemy, Aric he Death card. Players are reincarnated every few centuries to play over and over but Death has won the last couple of games so he is centuries old. He has killed the Empress, Evie’s card, twice before.

At the end of the last book, she found out that Jack might still be alive. She also found out she was pregnant by Death.

This book began with Evie fuming over being pregnant. She is sure that Paul, Aric’s medic/cook/housekeeper slash everything that needs done in the castle guy, lied to her hen giving her her contraceptive injection. She thinks Paul wanted her to get pregnant. Paul, of course, denies this and tells Aric that Evie refused the shot. Evie also thinks Paul accelerated her grandmother’s death. Evie won’t listen to anyone and wants Paul banished from the castle or worse. Banishment would mean certain death. If the cold didn’t kill him, something or someone else will get him like the Bagmen who thirst for blood, the cannibals, the slavers or just plain starvation.

I was not really liking Evie at first because of her insistence on Paul’s guilt which seemed a little blood thirsty but also because she didn’t tell Aric that the Fool card contacted her telepathically to tell her that Jack was still alive.

I can’t tell you what happened without spoiling the book but I can tell you that my feeling warmed towards Evie a tad. She’s growing up and isn’t so self-centered but she still grates on my nerves sometimes.

The love triangle rages on. I, personally, want Jack and Evie to end up together but would feel bad for Aric since his touch kills anyone his skin comes into contact with except Evie so he would never be able to be with anyone else. But in the end, only one Arcana can live so either Aric or Evie will have to die. If Evie has the baby, would Aric even be able to touch it? Would it be better for Evie to live to raise it? Maybe they’ll be able to beat the game and stop it forever.

Who knows?