The Darkest Whisper – Lords of the Underworld – Gena Showalter

Gena Showalter The Darkest Whisper

Book 4

Sabin is bound by the demon Doubt. His past lovers were broken down by his demon. His last lover, who happened to be the wife of Dean Stefano, killed herself. He has sworn off women but even before that, he has always put the war with the Hunters first in his life.

Gwendolyn is a Harpy who is different from other Harpies. They call her Gwendolyn the Timid because she has not embraced her Harpy side and has not yet learned how to control it.

The Lords of the Underworld went to Egypt following one of Danika’s visions and found Gwen imprisoned by the Hunters. Sabin is immediately attracted to her but uses the excuse that he could use her Harpy skills in his war against the Hunters to keep her.

The love story was the focus of this book. I enjoyed watching how Sabin who knew nothing about Harpies, learned about all of the idiosyncrasies of Gwen’s species. I had a hard time liking Sabin because he was a little too domineering and kept being wishy-washy about how he felt about Gwen.

I know there is a lot going on and each of the warriors have their own personal issues going on but it seems like the Lords of the Underworld should be going on the offensive rather than just reacting to the Hunter’s attacks. I guess it is easier for Galen and the Hunters to find the Lords since they are all located in one location but we already know that Lucien can just about find anyone by following the tracers they leave behind. He did that with Anya.

Harpies were introduced in the way of Gwen’s sisters. I wonder if they will help kick Hunter behind or if any of them will be involved romantically with any of the warriors.

SPOILER below.

Not a lot seemed to be accomplished in the search for the four artifacts and Pandora’s Box. But of course, if they find one article per book, the books would have to end before we get to know the love stories of each warrior so we have to  be strung along..which is probably not the right word to that Gena can include all the warriors.

There is A FRIGGIN’ LOT to follow in this book which I dig because it gives it that much more depth, as long as there is a point to it which I believe there is.

Speaking of having a point to including something in a story…What was with the Nix Cameo from Immortals After Dark? I don’t know if that was cheesy or kind of cool.

Aeron has a stalker who Legion is afraid of but who no one can see. Legion says it is an angel who is about to fall. He learns that Paris gave up a chance at love to save him so now he is trying to make it up to him.

Paris is not doing well at all and has been abusing the Ambrosia because he cannot keep his mind off of Sienna who he believes is gone forever but we as readers know from previous books and The Darkest Prison that she is alive. I’m not sure how mentally stable she is because the last time we saw her, she was carving up Atlas’ chest like a fiend. Cronus seems to be amusing himself with her for now. Paris doesn’t know this though and is eaten up with guilt and grief and has not been able to keep up with the sex he needs so his health is seriously failing.

Torin and Cameo are having a little fling but of course, they cannot touch each other because of Torin’s demon being Disease. Torin was threatened by Cronus to look for the names of the other immortals housing demons within their bodies on the scrolls or else deal with his wrath. ***funny how each time anyone gets a visit by Cronus, they notice that he looks like he is getting younger and that his toenails are disgusting and beast-like.***

The Hunters were capturing and raping immortals to raise an immortal army of demon haters. The Lords found a bunch of the children who have been taught from birth to hate the Lords of the Underworld. Now the women including Legion are finding homes for them. I thought that was kind of weird because it seems like they would have to be reprogrammed first.

Poor Gideon was tortured and had his hands cut off.

Amun finally spoke and spoke and spoke but I’m sure he’ll go back to being silent now that he isn’t being tortured. I’m really intrigued by his character.

Galen found the Distrust, the demon who was part of Baden before Hunters killed him and he says he is going to pair the demon with a woman. The Lords think it may be the woman in one of Danika’s paintings. Oh, Galen is also Gwen’s father. She always thought her father was an angel because Galen likes to tell everyone that is what he is instead of the demon Hope. Gwen and the Lords have him beat but Sabin gives Gwen the choice to let him go or not and the dumb twit let him go. As Gideon would say, “That won’t come back to bite them in the ass.”

Overall, this book was just okay for me. I got tired of Sabin not making up his mind to trust Gwen. Luckily, the story going on in the background kept it afloat so I’ll be continuing my journey on to the next book, The Darkest Passion.

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