Heart of Darkness – Lords of the Underworld – Gena Showalter

Book 4.5

This is a novella that a lot of people might skip but I wouldn’t if I were you because of all the women of Lords of the Underworld, Bianka is my favorite so far. I even like her more than Anya (well, maybe they’re tied for favorite) just because she is so confident and mischievous.

Bianka is Gwen’s sister, twin to Kaia. Their father is a Phoenix. She loves to have fun with her sisters. One game she plays with her sisters is where they jump off something high and whoever breaks the least bones wins. Okay, not my kind of fun but for a Harpy that is fun. She also likes to lie and steal.

Lysander is an angel, one of the elite seven. He’s an assassin and his sense of duty is steadfast. Nothing has ever stood in his way of his duty nor has anything tempted him but every angel has a potential downfall.

When they found this… thing, this abomination, they happily destroyed it before it could destroy them. Lysander had finally found his. Bianka Skyhawk.

He thinks he can imprison her on his cloud where he lives and make her a better person who doesn’t curse, steal or lie but he soon learns that she has a mind of her own and cannot be taught or forced to change. When he leaves her alone, she transforms his cloud into her sexy boudoir complete with naked pictures of herself in an attempt to seduce him or drive him to the point where he will set her free.


Her antics crack me up. She has no shame and she doesn’t care what people think of her. Lysander has his hands full.

Meanwhile, we learn about Aeron’s stalker angel. Olivia has been ordered to kill him because he broke a Heavenly rule by helping to free Legion from Hell but she cannot bring herself to do it. She may be willing to fall rather than kill him.

There’s an appearance by Paris when Bianka gets control of the cloud and decides to have Lysander wrestle with Paris in oil to amuse her.

We get to attend Gwen’s wedding and get a glimpse of some of the Lords of the Underworld. Kaia flirts with Amun. Gideon is still not healed all the way from having his hands chopped off.

I enjoyed this book immensely. It was a bit of fun and a little break from the intensity of the war between the Hunters and the Lords of the Underworld.

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