The Darkest Night – Lords of the Underworld – Gena Showalter

Lords of the Underworld

Thousands of years ago Warriors were created specifically for guarding the gods. These warriors became jealous when they were not chosen to guard Pandora’s Box. Instead a female was chosen to guard it. Who was it? You guessed it…Pandora. The warriors fought and killed Pandora which ended up letting out the most dangerous and bloodthirsty demons. As a punishment, the gods bound a demon to each warrior. Today, they are the Lords of the Underworld.

The Darkest Night Book 1

I have to say that after reading the prequel to this series The Darkest Fire, which failed on so many levels (see my review for further details), Gena Showalter was once again redeemed in my eyes. I had read her Atlantis series and enjoyed them but just could not get into the prequel of this series.

The Darkest Night introduces all of the Lords of the Underworld briefly but focuses on two main characters.

Ashlyn Darrow is able to hear conversations and voices of people who were in any place that she is standing. She can hear them from centuries past. They are a constant chatter in her head and she can’t stand it any longer. She works for an institution that studies paranormal entities and on a work assignment she travels to Budapest and hears of men who the locals call angels or demons and she goes in search of them to see if they can help her control her ability.

Maddox is possessed by the demon Violence. Maddox hears Violence in his head saying pretty things like,

“Destroy. Hurt. Kill. Obliterate. Kill. Hurt. Maim. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Hurt. Maim. Destroy, Destroy, Destroy, Kill.”

He finds Ashlyn on the mountain below his home. After killing the Hunters who follow her, he carries her back to his castle. The voices become silent to Ashlyn when Maddox is near her. He believes she is Bait but has an instant connection to her. He doesn’t know what to do with her and it is against the rules to bring a female to their home but Violence has calmed in her presence and he is in a hurry because each night at midnight, Maddox has to die. As an added curse, because he is the one who ultimately slew Pandora, he is stabbed six times and taken to the underworld. He wakes up every morning and repeats his day just to die again at midnight.

Ashlyn, after coming to know and love Maddox, endeavors to find a way to break his curse so he does not have to die each night. You’ll have to read the book to find out what happens.

I enjoyed the part where she is embarrassed about Maddox seeing her grannie panties.

grannie panties

The story also has the Lords fighting Hunters who are a faction of humans who popped up centuries ago after the Lords were paired with their demons and could not control at first so they wreaked death and havoc over the earth. The hunters are fanatical and believe that the Lords of the Underworld are evil and if they find Pandora’s Box, it will separate the demons from the lords – imprisoning the demons and killing the warriors. They use Bait which is usually a beautiful woman to try and trap the warrior.

The Lords of the Underworld also have to deal with the Titans who have defeated the Greek gods who basically ignored the Lords for centuries. The Titans issue orders to kill certain people and dole out punishments for disobeying orders.

There was a lot to this book which kept it interesting.dragonlion logo



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