The Thief – Black Dagger Brotherhood # 16 – J.R. Ward

You know that feeling after you step off of a giant roller coaster? That’s how I feel right now. It was a hell of a ride!

This was my favorite book that has come out lately. I have been waiting for Assail and Sola’s story for a long time. I have always adored his character and have been tortured by the glimpses we’ve been getting of him in the previous books. He was screaming in the background. We knew if he didn’t come out of his psychosis, he would have to die.

There was also the story of Vishous and Jane in this book. I wanted to strangle him as my heart was breaking for Jane and his relationship.

There is a new threat to the species from Throe and his shadow creatures. I once liked Throw but he’s turned into a total psycho. He’s become the quintessential comic book villain who wants to take over the world. Cue the maniacal laughing.

I think there are a lot more stories to be told. I’m interested in where the Jo Early story will go. I’ve always wanted to see Murhder again and what about Xcor’s Band of Bastards? Will they be getting a story?

Now, we just have to wait and see.

Onyx – Lux #2 – Jennifer L Armentrout

What I like most about this series is that Katy has a book review boig like I do. It makes me have something in common with her. That’s not all I like though. I like the entire plot. It’s different and it keeps me interested.

In the last book, Daemon was a big jerk to Katy but I could understand why since his family and some of the town are aliens, closely monitored by the DOD. His brother had gotten close to a human and they ended up dead. He just didn’t want any more trouble.

In this book, Daemon is trying to make up for the way he treated her but Katy isn’t going to make it easy on him.

There’s a new boy in town and he’s made it clear that he’s interested in her. Daemon doesn’t trust him but that may be just jealousy.
When Katy sees the girl who was supposed to have been killed in a DOD vehicle, she gets hopeful that maybe Daemon’s brother is alive too. She and Daemon start looking for answers.

This author makes the Department of Defense seem cold and brutal in this series. There are some terrifying agents working for them.

I liked this book better than the first book. I’m going to continue with the series.

Obsidian – Lux #1 – Jennifer Armentrout

I didn’t expect to like this book so much because I tend to set my expectations pretty low when I start a new author and series. Plus, it’s geared toward young adults which sometimes can get all high schooly and mean girlish. But this book mostly stayed away from that sort of immature drama. It surprised me.

Katy moves from Florida to a small town in West Virginia with her mom. She meets the neighbors and loves the sister but the brother is a total jerk.

She starts noticing weird things and thinks it’s all in her head but soon her life gets some unwelcome excitement.

The plot was interesting but I think the tension between Damaen and Katy went on way too long. There comes a point when I just tire of things being dragged out. Also, if a guy continues to be a jerk, it becomes a dysfunctional relationship…maybe even abusive.

I went ahead and downloaded the next book in the series.

Dearest Ivie – Black Dagger Brotherhood #15.5 – J.R. Ward

Ivie meets Silas at a cigar bar and immediately judges him for being rich but he turns out to be pretty decent.

He tells her he’s leaving to the Old Country and won’t be back so their romance will be brief if she accepts.

This was so sad and depressing at times that I almost gave up reading it, knowing that things were destined to end bad but I couldn’t help myself and finished it in one night.

I’m not sure how this book even plays into the rest of the series, if it does at all. We only encounter any of the series other known characters briefly so it’s puzzling me how it connects. I guess we’ll see on April 10th when The Thief is released.

High Voltage – Fever #11 – Karen Marie Moning

As always, KMM brought it. Dani was as badass as ever but she’s evolving and growing…literally. She’s not as reckless as she used to be but she’s not as robotic and cold as her alter-personality, Jada, either.

Everybody thought the Song of Making would fix everything but it caused a whole set of new problems. The Fae are stronger and the old gods are awake. Neither are fond of humans but they hate each other more.

Mac and Barrons have left to deal with the Fae and Ryodan, along with the rest of The Nine have left too. Dani is left alone to keep her beloved Dublin safe.

This book had a different feel to it than the other books in the series. I think it was slowed down a bit to allow the reader to feel more and not be so disconnected from the characters. Not that I didn’t connect but I’ve always felt they were a little too cold. I found myself crying in several spots of this book. I don’t think any of the previous books made me so emotional. They mostly went too fast and had me more shocked than sad like when Mac ate Jo. Even though I really liked Jo,I was too shocked–and a lot grossed out–to be sad. Plus, there was a lot happening really fast so I wasn’t able to mourn for more than a second before I had to move on to the next peril.

I’m excited to see where the story will go from here if it is going anywhere.

Hawkyn – Demonica Underworld #5 – 1001 Dark Nights – Larissa Ione

Larissa Ione Never Disappoints

As always, I was blissfully bewitched with this story and it’s characters.
Hawkyn is in BIG trouble after interfering with his Primori, a serial killer, trying to abduct a woman. Hawkyn’s duty as a Memitim angel is to protect his Primori no matter what kind of monster he is because Primori play some kind of important role in history.Now, Hawkyn isn’t sure if he’s changed the future timeline so he has to try to fix it before he’s punished and loses any of his future aspirations of serving on the Memitim Council.

Now, Hawkyn isn’t sure if he’s changed the future timeline so he has to try to fix it before he’s punished and loses any of his future aspirations of serving on the Memitim Council.

Aurora is a Wytch, a mixture of succubus and witch. One evening she leaves the grocery store and a creepy van pulls up next to her car. She’s freaked out but also thinks that a creeper would never be that stereotypically obvious. She was wrong. One man approached her and then she sees another behind him so she blasts the second one with all the power she has and he goes flying. The other man thanks her and stuffs her in his van.

Larissa Ione is one of the writers who knows how to make her characters interesting by making them a little wicked, especially the female characters. I get so bored with prim and proper heroines who always do the right thing. Larissa’s characters aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty and they kick ass.

Night Reigns – Immortal Guardians #2 – Dianne Duvall

I like the ongoing storyline in this series but the protagonists are a little too cookie-cutter for me. The men are the typical strong alpha males who always do the right thing and the females are goody two shoes who never have a crooked thought and bore me into snooze land. There’s only one character on the good guys side who interests me and that is Bastien who gets under the skin of the other good guys.

Ami is something other than human. We all know that from the first book when she was rescued from some kind of super secret military type lab where she was being experimented on and tortured. A couple of her fingers were partially missing but grew back.

Marcus is an Immortal Guardian and a loner who for eight centuries pinned for a woman who would never be his and didn’t return the feelings. She has been gone for eight years now but he is still hung up on her.

When the leader of the Immortal Guardians orders Marcus to make Ami his Second, Marcus is determined to make her quit. All Immortal Guardians have to have a Second which is a human who can guard them during the day and perform other minor duties for them. Marcus discovers he is attracted to Ami which makes him more adamant to avoid and get rid of her. But Ami knows what he is up to and makes avoiding her impossible.

Their developing romance was just okay to me I didn’t understand why Ami wanted to keep whatever she is secret from Marcus though. I mean, he is immortal and sees ghosts so it’s not like he’d judge her for being different.

The ongoing storyline is interesting. Immortal Guardians hunt and kill vampires. Lately, the vampires have been coordinating and amassing an army against the Immortals which is odd because vampires go mad after a few years so it is hard for them to coordinate anything.

Now, there seems to be a new threat too. Whoever held Ami captive may still be out there.

It took me forever to get through this book. I would just get bored and go do other things. It isn’t that this book was awful but it lacked something that I can’t put my finger on. Maybe humor? I’m not going to give up on this series yet as I am assured other readers love it and I enjoy it enough to continue reading it.