The Rock – The Highland Guard #11 – Monica McCarty

The Rock

By Monica McCarty

The Highland Guard #11

This is a perfect blend of romance and history. I love how Monica McCarty knows so much about the Scottish history surrounding Robert the Bruce that she can effortlessly combine real characters and real events with a few invented characters to make an exciting and heart clenching story.

Thom met Elizabeth and Jamie Douglas when they were children and, along with his friend Joanna, they became best friends. Elizabeth and Jamie were the laird’s children and Thom was the son of the village blacksmith but that didn’t seem to matter while they were young.

Things changed when they grew older. Thom had always been in love with Elizabeth and he thought she felt the same. He waited three long years for her to come back from France to find out she just wanted to be friends. She was too aware that the differences in their social status would never allow anything else.

But nothing could keep Thom down. He joined Bruce’s army and aspired for a knighthood. He even had a wealthy widow with lands and titles interested in marriage. Everything was going great until Elizabeth came crashing back into his life.

I did not like Elizabeth for most of the book. I didn’t like how innocent and naive she was for her age. I didn’t like how shallow she was, thinking about how grand the wedding celebration would be whenever she married but not caring about the actual marriage. I didn’t like how easily bored she became and I didn’t like how she cared so much about her status. I started liking her and then she pissed me off again.

I did, however, fall in love with Elizabeth’s cousin Izzy. Some of the things she said had be roaring with laughter. I hope she’s featured in a future book.

I did get tired of the back and forth indecision by both parties in this book. It was just too much. It made me long for the end to hurry up and that’s not a good thing for me.

I think there is one more book out so I am going to read that next.

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