Captured by a Laird – The Douglas Legacy #1 – Margaret Mallory

I am so glad I was not a woman living way back when. I’m sure I would have been stoned to death or worse.

Alison was married off when she was 13 to a disgusting older man, the Blackadder laird. He died ten years later, leaving her two beautiful daughters. She felt liberated but in an act of defiance she burned his bed, angering some of the Blackadders.

She’s part of the powerful Douglas Clan. Her brother Archie is married to the queen but Alison has no power. She is just a pawn for her family’s lofty aspirations. When she asks Archie for help keeping her holdings safe, he tells her he will arrange another marriage for her soon. That is not what she wants.

Before she even has a chance to feel freedom, her castle is invaded by the Beast of Wedderburn whole goal is to wed her and get her pregnant with an heir to ensure he keeps the Blackadder Castle. It’s just part of his plans for revenge against Lord D’orsey who had his father and uncle killed and imprisoned his step-mother. Alison does not want to be a pawn in anyone else’s games anymore.

There was one villain named Patrick Blackadder who I hated. Throughout the book, I kept asking out loud, “Would someone kill him already?” He was a vile creature.

I liked how the author blended fiction with real history and real historical people. I love history, especially Scottish history.

I hope the next book is just as interesting.

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