Ransom – Highland Lairds #2 – Julie Garwood

Gillian was fierce and brave. Even though she knew she would be punished, she tried to save a boy she didn’t know from a powerful baron.

Her father had been killed by Baron Alford right in front of her fourteen years earlier because her father possessed a jeweled box that the baron desperately wanted. Her father gave her sister the box and told them to hide it until they could get it to King John. Gillian and her sister were separated while escaping and her sister went deep into the Highlands to hide.

Now, Alford is making Gillian travel into the Highlands to find her sister and the box or he will kill her beloved uncle.

I had a hard time getting anything else done this weekend because I was so into this book.

I have grown attached to some of the characters so I hope we continue to see them in the next book.

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