The Secret – Highland Lairds #1 – Julie Garwood

Judith was an adorable heroine. She was sweet but spunky. I don’t usually like such nice female characters but Judith won me over.

Judith and Frances Catherine met at a festival on the border of England and Scotland when they were four and five years old. Frances Catherine was Scottish and Judith was English but they became best friends for life.

Frances Catherine’s mother and grandmother had died in childbirth so she was frightened the same would happen to her so Judith promised her that she would be there with her when or if she ever had a child. Frances Catherine knew Judith was too stubborn to let her die. So when Frances Catherine married and became pregnant, she sent her brother-in-law to escort Judith to the Highlands.

The people in each country hate the people of the other country. Judith knows she will face prejudices but doesn’t care as long as she is there for her friend. She was not prepared to be attracted to the warrior who came to escort her though.

It wasn’t all light reading because there were some darker problems but I enjoyed it.

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