In the Warrior’s Bed- McJames #2 – Mary Wine

What a disgusting pig the protagonist was! There is nothing that will make me think differently. He had that total creepy raperish vibe going on. Ick!

Okay, I realize things were way different in early 1600s Scotland and men basically owned women but I’m a 21st century reader who isn’t going to stand for men forcing themselves on a woman no matter how much he thinks a blush equates to wanting to have sex with him.

Cullen meets Bronwyn while riding on the border of their clan’s lands. Their clans are bitter enemies. He flirts with her but she seems not interested in him. When her clansmen ride over a ridge and spots them talking, she gets back up on her horse and he grabs her ass. His balls would have been in his throat if he did that to me.

Throughout the whole book, Cullen couldn’t seem to control his penis. It had control of him. The same was true for Bronwyn. He touched her wrist once and she became horny. What the hell?

It was the way he treated Bronwyn that really had me steaming though. He did some things that were nothing short of abuse, using his power to get his way. And then she would forgive him when he waved his tallywacker around. Man, I hope anyone reading this book knows how wrong that is.

No! I can’t accept it. I don’t want my heroes to resemble a horny creep at the bar who thinks just because you danced with him means he can rub his dick up against you. I want my heroes to know when to stop and respect the meaning of no.

There was actually a good plot going on here with the two clans rivalry and a few other background stories emerging but the book was ruined by the lecherous behavior of the supposed hero.

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