In Bed with a Stranger – McJames #1 – Mary Wine

I decided to depart from my usual Paranormal Romance and Fantasy genres and read a Scottish Historical Romance. I haven’t read one in years. I have enjoyed Mary Wine’s Historical Romances before so I chose one she wrote.

One of the things I like about Mary Wine is that she blends actual history with the story which makes it a little more realistic. What wasn’t realistic was the plot that was schemed up by the evil mistress.

An earl in England married a noblewoman who gave him a girl child but refused to bed him ever again because she was so afraid of dying in childbirth. He took a leman who gave him many other children. His wife grew bitter and hateful and raised their legitimate child to be spoiled and hateful like her.

The earl spent a lot of time at Court and so did their daughter, Mary. He married her off by proxy to a Scottish earl named Brodick McJames.

Mary was scared to death to have sex or a child ever, especially with a will Scot so she cried to her mother who came up with a scheme. She would send the eldest daughter of the leman in her place. When Anne became pregnant, she would return home to give birth. If it was a boy, Mary would claim it and she could take Anne’s place. The dumb Scot wouldn’t even notice the difference in the two. He could get a leman and Mary would be off the hook for sex.

I rolled my eyes and almost quit reading but I gave into the cheesy ridiculousness and read on. And I liked it!

I’m going to see what other trouble the McJames Clan gets into in the next book.

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