King’s Cage – Red Queen #3 – Victoria Aveyard

Mare Barrow has been captured by Maven, the Norta King. She’s paraded in front of the noble houses and world with Maven holding a chain connected to a spiked collar around her neck.

No one is coming to rescue her and escape is impossible. She’s put in a cell to rot. Bracelets and anklets of Silent Stone were specially made to extinguish her abilities to manipulate electricity. She has at least two Arven guards with her at all times. Their power is to block the powers of others. Without her abilities she begins to slowly waste away.

Mare will not fade easily though. She keeps fighting anyway she can.

I was really disappointed in her when she, once again, read Maven’s propaganda to the world. Most heroes would have fought or died for the cause before they did something that would hurt their movement.

The POV of Cameron, a fairly new character, shows the reader what is going on with the rebels. She does not want to be part of the cause but is there because she has no other place to be. Her only goal is to free her brother from the front lines of the war. She helps the Scarlet Guard while petitioning their leaders to help her rescue her brother. She’s a thorn in everyone’s side but I agree with her that Cal and Mare’s futile hope that Maven has some kind of good in him has caused a lot of problems. Maven is a lost cause. He’s twisted and evil.

I am not a fan of detailed battle scenes, especially if they go back and forth a lot or last a long time I skip over most of it until the end of the battle. This author includes a lot of scenes where people are sparring during training and actual battles. I only like when a villain is killed.

I did start liking Mare a little in this book. She had a lot of time to reflect on all her mistakes and how short-sighted she had been.

I think there is only one more book left in the series but it doesn’t come out for two more days.

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