Glass Sword – Red Queen #2 – Victoria Aveyard

Like the first book, this book was action packed and kept me interested all the way through but this one, at times, dove a little too deep into the main character’s introspection. I skipped paragraphs of Mare looking inward at herself.

I found myself not liking Mare at all. She’s becoming selfish and heartless with an exaggerated sense of importance. All she cares about is the cause now. I’m pretty sure that is what the author intends but it’s hard to watch such a quick transformation of a lovable character into an uncaring jerk.

Mare, with the help of the Scarlet Guard, has escaped the cruel Silver prince–now the king–who she thought was her friend and his evil mother. His older brother, Cal escaped with her but the Guard is treating him as a prisoner and enemy. She’s not so sure he’s on their side but she knows he helped her and wouldn’t hurt her.

Her goal now is to find others like her with special abilities before Maven, the king, finds and kills them. He’s a Silver and wants to keep it quiet that Silvers aren’t the only ones with powers.

Reds and Silvers aren’t just different because of the color they bleed but by their special abilities. Reds have no super powers. All Silvers have certain abilities depending on which House they are from. House Samos are Magnetrons who can manipulate metal. House Skonos are skin healers. Cal and Maven are Burners who use fire as a weapon. Queen Elara is a Whisper who can read your thoughts and control your mind.

But they’ve discovered there are Reds with special abilities. Mare calls them newbloods. Her friend, Julian Jacos found a special mutation in certain Reds blood from the blood database the Silvers keep on the Reds. He gave her a list of names. Unfortunately, Maven has the list too.

Mare needs to find these newbloods before Maven does.

This is such an interesting and original story that I can’t help but be intrigued. I like the characters except for the main character, at the moment, but hope that will change in the next book.

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