Red Queen – Victoria Aveyard

Astounding! Extraordinary! Excellent! I don’t know how to express how wonderful this book is. It’s the best book I have read this year and I have read some pretty good books so that should tell you something.

In this world, there are two kinds of people Reds and Silvers. Reds are ordinary humans who bleed red. Silvers have special abilities and bleed silver. Silvers rule and Reds are servants.

Every Red, if they don’t get an apprenticeship, gets conscripted into the army at eighteen. They get shipped off to the war that has been going on for over a hundred years. Mare Barrow is almost eighteen and will be headed to war soon just like her older brothers did before her.

She meets someone named Cal who gets her a job at the palace. He turns out to be the elder son of the king.

Mare discovers she has a special ability in front of all the nobles during an event. The queen and king have to find a way to explain this so they lie and say she’s a Silver raised by Reds.

She soon gets caught up with a rebel group of Reds. She’s playing a dangerous game that could get her and a lot of others killed.

I was thoroughly absorbed in this story and forgot to eat. I like eating and can eat and read at the same time so foregoing food is an anomaly for me.

I’ve already downloaded the next book. See ya in a day or two.

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