City of Bones – The Immortal Instruments – Cassandra Clare

Right up front, I’m going to confess that I only read this book because I was curious about the lawsuit that Sherrilyn Kenyon filed against Cassandra Clare. Kenyon is one of my favorite authors but I saw no similarities between this series and the Dark-Hunter series.

Clary and her best friend Simon went to a club and Clary was checking out a cute boy when she saw him go into a storage room with another girl. She saw two other boys following him and saw one pull out a knife. She alerted Simon who went to find security.

Clary went to investigate and entered the storage room. She witnessed some unbelievable events. The cute boy turned out to be a demon and the other two boys and the girl were demon hunters or Shadowhunters. They killed the demon who folded in on himself and disappeared.

When Simon and the security guard entered the room, they could only see Clary. She realized they couldn’t see the others so she said she must have been mistaken about seeing a boy with a knife.

Clary gets thrown into the world of the Shadowhunters when she is attacked by a monster demon and her mother goes missing. She discovers that her mom has been hiding a lot of secrets from her.

There was a lot of action in this book, almost too much. I just felt overwhelmed at times and felt these kids acted before they thought things out. Maybe it is that I’m too old to connect with the characters.

I’m not sure if I’ll continue with the series. Sometimes, the second book gets more familiar with the characters so it helps the reader connect. We’ll see what I decide after I go through my “to read” list.

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