Opposition – Lux #4 – Jennifer L. Armentrout

Hundreds or maybe thousands of Luxen just arrived on Earth and Daemon, Dawson and Dee just left with them without even looking back.

These new Luxen, aliens originally from the Planet Lux, are cold and unfeeling. They all think as one like a hive. Their goal is to take over the world and Katy isn’t sure whose side Daemon is on now.

Cities are being destroyed and Luxens are killing humans like they are ants. Luxen are stealing certain human bodies and taking on their appearances, mainly people in powerful positions and people who are of childbearing years. Humans are panicked and the government is considering drastic measures.

Katy might have to turn to the very people who tortured her to save the planet, the good Luxen and herself.

My anxiety was at peak levels while reading this final book of the series. This author must be related to George R.R. Martin because throughout the series, she has had no qualms about killing off beloved characters. I was afraid to see who else might die.

I was sad that this was the last book of the series. I’ll have to look at what else is out there by Jennifer L. Armentrout.

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