The Thief – Black Dagger Brotherhood # 16 – J.R. Ward

You know that feeling after you step off of a giant roller coaster? That’s how I feel right now. It was a hell of a ride!

This was my favorite book that has come out lately. I have been waiting for Assail and Sola’s story for a long time. I have always adored his character and have been tortured by the glimpses we’ve been getting of him in the previous books. He was screaming in the background. We knew if he didn’t come out of his psychosis, he would have to die.

There was also the story of Vishous and Jane in this book. I wanted to strangle him as my heart was breaking for Jane and his relationship.

There is a new threat to the species from Throe and his shadow creatures. I once liked Throw but he’s turned into a total psycho. He’s become the quintessential comic book villain who wants to take over the world. Cue the maniacal laughing.

I think there are a lot more stories to be told. I’m interested in where the Jo Early story will go. I’ve always wanted to see Murhder again and what about Xcor’s Band of Bastards? Will they be getting a story?

Now, we just have to wait and see.

2 thoughts on “The Thief – Black Dagger Brotherhood # 16 – J.R. Ward

  1. The Thief is not a Legacy book. The Thief is #16 of the BDB series. The Legacy “spin-off” series consists of Blood Kiss, Blood Vow, and Blood Fury. “Blood” being the only consistency of the Legacy series.

    Ward’s website has been given over to her publisher, re-done, and is horribly behind; I don’t recommend using it. The Legacy series, which is supposedly separate from yet intertwined with the BDB books, seems to be complete as the trilogy Ward contracted for. Ward has a new CR series coming out next year about firefighters, so I wouldn’t count on further Legacy books.

    I recommend you check out Goodreads for general BDB book info and Book Thingo(it won’t let me give a link, but it’s “”, then go to the Cheatsheets page for the reading order listing, which is pretty current) for a correct reading order for the 2 BDB series. Example: Blood Kiss (#1 Legacy) should be read after The Shadows (#13 BDB), and before The Beast (#14 BDB).. Then Blood Vow (#2 Legacy) and Blood Fury (#3 Legacy) should be read after The Chosen (#15 BDB). Just an FYI.

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