High Voltage – Fever #11 – Karen Marie Moning

As always, KMM brought it. Dani was as badass as ever but she’s evolving and growing…literally. She’s not as reckless as she used to be but she’s not as robotic and cold as her alter-personality, Jada, either.

Everybody thought the Song of Making would fix everything but it caused a whole set of new problems. The Fae are stronger and the old gods are awake. Neither are fond of humans but they hate each other more.

Mac and Barrons have left to deal with the Fae and Ryodan, along with the rest of The Nine have left too. Dani is left alone to keep her beloved Dublin safe.

This book had a different feel to it than the other books in the series. I think it was slowed down a bit to allow the reader to feel more and not be so disconnected from the characters. Not that I didn’t connect but I’ve always felt they were a little too cold. I found myself crying in several spots of this book. I don’t think any of the previous books made me so emotional. They mostly went too fast and had me more shocked than sad like when Mac ate Jo. Even though I really liked Jo,I was too shocked–and a lot grossed out–to be sad. Plus, there was a lot happening really fast so I wasn’t able to mourn for more than a second before I had to move on to the next peril.

I’m excited to see where the story will go from here if it is going anywhere.

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