Darkness Dawn’s – immortal Guardians #1 – Dianne Duvall

I was pleasantly surprised by this book I’m not sure why I have not read or even heard of this series before now since I have been reading paranormal romance books for over a decade. I think I need a better place to get recommendations than Goodreads and Amazon because their recommendations are getting to be way off base, almost as bad as the suggestions Netflix gives. “Because you watched The Exorcist, we recommend Elmo’s Playhouse.” It makes no sense. I found this series through Facebook when one of the authors I follow asked what everyone is reading.

Sarah was thrown into the bazaar world of vampires and Immortal Guardians one morning before dawn. She couldn’t sleep so she decided to get an early start on a vegetable garden. She witnessed a few men attacking another man and staking him to the ground. She rescued the man and ended up in danger from the men she rescued him from who turned out to be human minions of a vampire.

I liked Sarah but thought she was too good to be true. She was way too nice and a goodie two shoes. She even ate organic foods and didn’t drink alcohol. Anyone who knows me or reads my reviews knows that perfect people both bore and irk me. I like flawed characters who have made mistakes and have struggled to become better for it. Sarah was just too perfect.

The author did a great job of introducing characters who will probably be featured in future books and setting up the ongoing plot by keeping an interesting background story going. I look forward to the next book.

2 thoughts on “Darkness Dawn’s – immortal Guardians #1 – Dianne Duvall

  1. I agree with you. The algorithm on Goodreads is getting pretty bad, I have had to comb the site to look for any decent PR series. I devoured the immortal Guardian’s series, do let me know if you continue with them!

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