Dark Calling – Arcana Chronicles #6 – Kresley Cole

Damn! That was good. I know there are all kinds of better descriptive words out there I could have used but that is what came to me as I finished the book.

It’s a post apocalyptic world. Evie survived the Flash, a solar flare that killed most of the population dried up the world, to discover she has supernatural abilities and is part of a recurring game where she is a character from a deck of Tarot cards playing for her life. The winner is the last one alive.

Throughout the series, Evie has learned the rules of this terrible game and struggled with her powers. She thinks she can find a way to end the game without having to kill all the other players, some with whom she has become friends, but the game doesn’t seem to want to play by her rules.

She fell in love with Jack but then thought he died so she fell in love with her former enemy, Aric he Death card. Players are reincarnated every few centuries to play over and over but Death has won the last couple of games so he is centuries old. He has killed the Empress, Evie’s card, twice before.

At the end of the last book, she found out that Jack might still be alive. She also found out she was pregnant by Death.

This book began with Evie fuming over being pregnant. She is sure that Paul, Aric’s medic/cook/housekeeper slash everything that needs done in the castle guy, lied to her hen giving her her contraceptive injection. She thinks Paul wanted her to get pregnant. Paul, of course, denies this and tells Aric that Evie refused the shot. Evie also thinks Paul accelerated her grandmother’s death. Evie won’t listen to anyone and wants Paul banished from the castle or worse. Banishment would mean certain death. If the cold didn’t kill him, something or someone else will get him like the Bagmen who thirst for blood, the cannibals, the slavers or just plain starvation.

I was not really liking Evie at first because of her insistence on Paul’s guilt which seemed a little blood thirsty but also because she didn’t tell Aric that the Fool card contacted her telepathically to tell her that Jack was still alive.

I can’t tell you what happened without spoiling the book but I can tell you that my feeling warmed towards Evie a tad. She’s growing up and isn’t so self-centered but she still grates on my nerves sometimes.

The love triangle rages on. I, personally, want Jack and Evie to end up together but would feel bad for Aric since his touch kills anyone his skin comes into contact with except Evie so he would never be able to be with anyone else. But in the end, only one Arcana can live so either Aric or Evie will have to die. If Evie has the baby, would Aric even be able to touch it? Would it be better for Evie to live to raise it? Maybe they’ll be able to beat the game and stop it forever.

Who knows?

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