The Unleashing – Call of Crows #1 – Shelly Laurenston

This book was a mixture of corniness and outrageous but something about it pulled me in and kept me reading. The author’s humor and the way the characters said and did hilarious but foul things reminded me of my friends and family. It probably wouldn’t appeal to polite company but polite company bores the hell out of me.

Kera is an ex-Marine who works at a coffee house until she gets stabbed to death in an alley. As she lay dying, the guy she thought was a homeless vet holds her and sends up a prayer to Skuld, a Norse god, to save her.

She has been given a second life. She now is part of the Crow Clan, women from all races who fight for Skuld. But she is having a hard time transitioning because the Crows thrive on chaos and ate unorganized. When she tries to organize them, they want none of it.

I really connected with a lot of the characters in this book and I appreciated that the main character, along with many of the other women, was a woman of color. More Paranormal Romances need to do this.

I went ahead and downloaded the next book in the series.

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