The Undoing – Call of Crows #2 – Shelly Laurenston

Although this series is entertaining in all its outrageousness, I get extremely annoyed with the constant petty physical fighting between clan members. I almost stopped reading this book because of it. I just think it’s immature and wastes time that could be spent on the plot. I do enjoy the scheming and snarkiness but the pigheaded fighting over stupid stuff wears on me.

Luckily, I decided to keep reading a little while longer because I really do like a lot of the characters and the storyline intrigued me enough to read further.ost of the infighting dwindled as the story intensified.

Jace became a Crow after her cult-leader husband killed and buried her. The goddess Skuld propositioned her to serve her for a second chance at life. She crawled out of the grave as her husband was shoveling dirt on her. She attacked him but was pulled off by member of another clan who also happens to be a federal agent. Her husband went to prison and  she divorced him. She is now a valued member of the Crows, women who serve Skuld.

Unfortunately, her ex knows to many people in high places and is out again and wants Jace back in his cult. This worries her but she’s got bigger things going on like banishing the evil goddess who has entered this realm and wants to bring the world to an end.

She has to work with another clan, the Protectors, to research how to fight this goddess. She finds herself falling for one of them, Danski Eriksen. He’s smart and a warrior.

I have to admit, I was more into the plot than the romance in this book which will continue in the next book. Onward!

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