The Risk – Mindf*ck #1 – S.T. Abby

This is not my usual genre but the description intrigued me. It also helped that the first book is free.

According to the FBI’s definition of a serial killer, Lana Myers is one. Something horrible happened to her ten years ago and now she’s out for revenge on the men who were involved. They all think she is dead.

Dating a profiler from the FBI probably isn’t a good idea when you’re a serial killer but Lana couldn’t resist her attraction to Logan Bennett who she met at a coffee shop.

This is some intense stuff but I found myself gobbling up the pages. I’m sure by the time I’m through with the series, I will be able to commit the perfect murder without getting caught except I can’t stand the sight of Gore. I can handle blood but anything involving tissue or bones will make me gag. So much for my life of crime.

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