Stone Song – Cold Iron #3 – D.L. McDermott

I knew this book was going to be about Elada because he was the most likely choice from the characters in the series so far. Plus, there was an excerpt of the beginning of this book at the end of the book. 😁

Elada has been bound to the Fae sorcerer, Miach, for most of his long life which started before the days of the Romans. To save Elada’s life Miach released him from his bond. Now Elada is free to pursue his own life and even marry if he likes.

Thousands of years ago, the Far Court was banished by the Druids to the Otherworld but the wall between worlds is weakening. The Druids were wiped out by the remaining Fae who worked with the Romans to destroy them. At least, that’s what the Fae thought until they discovered some Druids had survived and there are a few of their descendants strong enough to bring down that wall.

Of course, no Druid would willingly bring back the Fae Court because they are cruel and lack any kind of empathy. They’d hunt down and kill all Druids and any half-blood Fae. Most free Fae don’t want to see the Fae Court back because they have fathered generations of half-breeds with humans.

The Prince Consort, however, would love to bring back the Fae Court. The Queen was his lover and he is just as cruel as she was and he wants his former glory back. He and his followers have identified Druids all over the world and are going after them take away their will and bring down the wall. Now, it’s a race for Elada and his allies to find these Druids before the Prince Consort finds them.

When Miach hands Elada a file with a photo of a Druid, he immediately recognizes her. She sings at a local pub and her voice drew him in to watch her. He’s been infatuated ever since. Miach tells him to win her to their side or eliminate her because she would be dangerous if the Prince got ahold of her.

Sorcha is a talented singer and instrumentalist. She knows of the Fae and knows to stay away from them. She’s seen Elada at the Black Rose where she performs many times but he has never approached her until now. Her last encounter with a Fae had not gone well so she decides to get the heck out of Dodge.

The one thing that always drives me batty is when the female protagonist runs from the good guys when she knows there’s a powerful evil guy out there who will crush her if they catch her. It doesn’t make me think they are brave. It makes me think they are stupid. The bad guy always catches them and the good guy always has to save them. Ugh!

Luckily, the female protagonist in this series are badasses on their own so I can get over the running like an idiot bit and it didn’t ruin the book for me so I can go on to the next book without rethinking my choice in series.

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