Silver Skin – Cold Iron #2 – D.L. McDermott

I am glad to see the plot become more complex in this book of the series because I was worried that the simple plot of the first book would wear thin and wouldn’t have anywhere to go for future books.

I knew this book would be about Miach who had a thing for Helene, the best friend of the protagonist in the first book. Miach is a Fae who is more than three thousand years old. He was one of the only Fae who was not locked away in the Otherworld by Druids. He’s lived so long in this world that he has fathered generations of half-breed Fae. He only has one living son, Brian, and lots of great great (or more) grandchildren.

The Fae in the Otherworld are called the Fae Court or Wild Hunt. They are cruel and like to play sick games for pure entertainment sake. They abhor half-breeds and would torture and kill them all if they were ever set free. For this reason, Miach wants to keep them from escaping but the wall between worlds is weakening and someone is trying to use that to open a gate and free the Court.

Helene is losing big chunks of time. She knows something is wrong but when she calls her best friend to tell her, she can’t. No matter how hard she tries, only pleasantries come out so she tries write an email, the same thing happens. Her only choice is to go to Miach who she knows is a Far and a criminal. He is constantly trying to woo her with gifts but dislikes him so much that her best friend, a Druid, put a geis on him to hinder him from sexually seducing Helene.

When she goes to Miach, he discovers that someone has tattooed a skin-colored spell onto her shoulder that makes her unable to speak of her time loss. Miach is able to remove it but fears the spell that is making her lose time could kill her.

They decide to investigate where she goes during her time loss. Someone has been summoning her for some unknown reason but Miach thinks it has to do with bringing back the Fae Court somehow.

This book gives a glimpse into some of the background characters who might have bigger roles in future books. I always like pondering where things are going and how the author will make it work.

The next book is about Elada.

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