Sidetracked – Mindf*ck #2 – S.T. Abby

Lana is a revenge killer and she is dating the FBI agent named Logan who is investigating her kills, thinking they are after a sadist serial killer.

Logan is also working a case that the press has dubbed the Boogeyman. The Boogeyman has made it personal so there is a police officer inside her home to protect her and police cars outside her house because Logan has no idea Lana can protect herself.

She hopes no one will get too nosy and find her hidden room upstairs where she has her observation equipment and killing tools.

She also has to worry about one of Logan’s overprotective teammates who has dug into Lana’s past (illegally)and discovered that she stole a rich heiress’ identification and later changed her name to Lana Myers. But Lana knows everything in the file matches her identity thanks to her best friend Jake. She shows Hadley, the co-worker her scars on her torso which make Hadley back off a little.

So far, this series has kept me turning page after page. I’m already reading the next book.

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