Scarlet Angel – Mindf*ck #3 – S.T. Abby

The Boogeyman, the serial killer who Logan is investigating, has set a trap. He has let his hostage go so Logan and one of his FBI teammates is driving the hour and a half to see her. What they don’t know is that the police detail outside his girlfriend Lana’s house has been called away to help on another case and the Boogeyman is in Lana’s house.

I thought this was some pretty sloppy police and FBI work but saw it coming a mile away.

This is exactly what Lana wanted though. Lana wants a chance to kill this sicko who has murdered and raped innocent women. You see, Lana is a serial murderer herself except she kills for revenge of something that happened to her ten years ago.

What Lana doesn’t know is that one of Logan’s co-workers, who has been suspicious of Lana, broke into Lana’s house before she arrived home and was accosted by the Boogeyman. He stuffed Hadley in the closet that has slats for viewing in the living room for a front seat view of what he thinks will be the murder of Lana.

I love how Lana has funny thoughts about how ridiculous some of the situations she gets into are.

The story is getting more complicated as we learn about Lana’s past and the town she came from. It can only get better from here.

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