Grave Mercy – His Fair Assassin #1 – Robin LaFevers

I’m not really sure what genre this book would fit into with some of its supernatural content but I’m thinking it would be more historical fiction than anything else.

Ismae was never meant to be born. Her mother drank a concoction made by a herbwitch to abort her but instead of killing her, it just scarred her back and she was born anyway. The herbwitch said she was the daughter of Mortain, one of the nine old God’s who are now considered saints under the Christian faith. Mortain is the good of death. Her mother died and she was raised under the abusive hand of her father who tried to marry her off to a pig farmer but when he saw the scars on her back, he panicked.

She was saved by the herbwitch and a priest who still worshipped the old ways. They sent her to a convent where they taught her all the ways of Mortain AKA Death like teaching her to fight and use poisons to become an assassin to serve her country of Brittany.

I love history but had no clue about Brittany or Anne of Brittany until I read this book. It was captivating!


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