Cold Iron – Cold Iron #1 – D.L. McDermott

I liked this book. It was stimulating…in more ways than one…and the author wasn’t afraid to get a little dark at times. It made the story seem more real…well, as real as a story about the Fae and Druids can feel.

Beth is an archaeologist who finds Celtic tombs through a gift she has. She’s not sure why she has this talent but her ex-husband, Frank, has used it to his advantage to make a name for himself. He’s even made it to where Beth has to work under him on digs because he manipulated his bosses into believing she’s somehow not as adept as he is.

They were on a dig in Ireland when things became strange. They had found a tomb under a hill or mound but everything looked pristine and fresh instead of ancient. She felt someone touch her when the lights went out but nobody was there when the light came back on. Later, at the inn, a man came into her room and tried to seduce her. He was Fae named Conn. She knew it even though they were supposed to be a myth.

She was able to resist him and even threw him across the room with her voice somehow. The innkeeper, an ancient looking woman, told her tales about the Fae and how they had ruled the land and people feared them because the Fae had no empathy and liked to play games. If a Fae took a woman, he’d keep her sometimes for a while or sometimes not but the woman would slowly die afterwards if starvation and a list of the will to live because they were somehow bound to the Fae and couldn’t live without him.

Frank stole the sword and other artifacts like gold and silver from the mound and that pulls her into a world of trouble. Conn needs his sword back but other Fae have other ideas. The sword and Beth are what they need to bring back the banished Far Court who are vicious and cruel. Beth, it turns out, is a powerful Druid. She can open the door between worlds to bring the Fae Court back. Now, she has Fae after her who want her to do this and Fae who would rather see her dead to prevent her from opening the gate.

I have already downloaded and read the second book in this series.

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